Monday, April 20, 2009

Drew's Room - Curious George!!

So - the furniture is here - we are still missing the glider and ottoman but the crib and dresser are set up and ready to go!!!! The pics are all hung up and the baskets are organized. See the pic on the right - this is his gift from his uncle Jeff and aunt Angela - the monkey pic - note it is hung next to the closet (organized in Amy fashion - no shocker here, I, of course, bought the closet organization system, while John, bought the high chair for food time......I know, extremely funny and appropriate!!)

I spent most of last Sunday putting together the crib (pregnant brain, only had to read and redo the first step 3 times :) )......John was out burying the electric dog fence finally so we don't end up with dogs running the neighborhood because it gets cut by the lawnmower. The crib is one of those 3 in 1 types that transitions to a toddler bed and then to a double bed later when he is older. I am not making the bed yet, will use Mom's help when she comes right before baby to wash and get the stuff ready - I just can't see spending time on that now...the sheets and bedding are red as well.....should look great when it is all done.

The glider will go in the corner where you see that box - it is on backorder so it won't be in until end of May (hopefully before baby). There is a stuffed monkey and the cutest Curious George in the box his mom found for his room.

I painted a few canvas' to spell his name (don't look closely because they could use lots of touch-ups). The corner shelves worked out perfect with the colored baskets full of shower goodies. Notice he already has lots of books folks have given us - we LOVE books!!! The dresser is a good size so he can use it as he grows (like till College :)). John's mom also gave us the Curious George on the top of the shelves in the little Curious George pail - super cute!
We still have plenty of room and the dogs come in every chance they get to sniff around and check things out.
We are headed up to 32 weeks this week - so look for pics coming soon to a blog near you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wk 30 - 69 days and counting!!

So here we are - WK 30!!! We are so excited - we had a shower thrown for us 2 wknds ago in Cinci and had a really great time. So many people showed up to support us! John's mom and sister came in from Iowa (10 hour drive) and Heidi came down from Michigan (5 hr drive). This is John's mom trying to play the string game to measure my belly.

Here are some pics of my huge belly. We are measuring 'normal' right now - doctor is saying other than an extra long child we are measuring to the average 8 pounds.....John says we should just feed me more, to which I responded, "honey, not sure that will make Andrew bigger but it definitely will make my butt bigger :)."

We are here for the Easter holiday - we couldn't seem to find a way to get to some place warm without breaking the bank - good ole Uncle Sam and P&G's inability to get our taxes done right this year are keeping us at home for the time being. Feel free to send donations :).
I am past wearing the belly sling - I think Drew finally got so big that he can't fit down far enough to push pressure on me. Still seeing Dr. Eric (the chiro) about every 6-7 days for adjustments but other than that - rocking and rolling - feeling the best I have felt - I think the 'fat' depression is gone and the 'yes, see, I am pregnant' feeling is here....more to come - we pick up the baby furniture this week.