Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of the Summer!! Good and Bad news!

If you are just joining - lots of updates today - trying to catch up for the year - pls read thru all of our exciting events - This was a month of ups and downs - we started off the month wanting to share big news of a new baby on the way but sadly this little one wasn't healthy enough to make the full pregnancy - with a few very supportive friends and co-workers - we looked at this situation with a chance to get focused on each other and our family for the upcoming fall season. We took a some time to go visit Brent & Heather at their 'vacation' home on Lake Michigan. This was Drew's first road trip for 5 hours and he did wonderful. Now, it certainly helped having Laura in the car with us, my driving and John working up front. We moved Drew's seat to the very back of the surburban and then folded the front seats down to give everyone a little bit more room. He snuggled up with his naptime blanket and binky for the trip.

We also got the opportunity to go to the zoo a few more times and up to the giant outdoor waterpark at King's Island since John had a work event there. Drew rode the merry-go-round and had a great time playing in the water. Drew has discovered he can 'touch' and pet the animals at the zoo in the 'farm' area and he was all about getting close.

We just spend lazy time as a family this month - a video below showing Drew hanging in his parent's bed on Saturday morning.

Drew also discovered he can hang on our luggage and we will run him around - the video isn't the best quality but it is quite hysterical running around upstairs on the landing with him holding on. Might not have been such a good thing as he gets bigger and thinks 'what fun!'

By far, the highlight of our month was our trip to Vegas for Brent's 40th Birthday - I met them back when I lived in New Orleans - in fact I had just moved into my house and they were in town with a mutual friend - we hit it off and they continued to visit NOLA regularly and over time they met John, we went to Octoberfest (AKA Drew's inception :)) with them in Munich, regular visits to Chicago and they visited last Fall. Well 15 of us headed to Vegas for quite a ride. Lived like I have never lived and just had such a great time. Here are a few pics from the private cabana, the exclusively private dinner and the private cabana at the night club. Good times - nice way to end a not so great month!!