Friday, July 8, 2011

Lounging, The Farmer In the Dell & Something to say about that!

The last few weeks we have been lounging around a bit - up to the pool, reading books from the library and enjoying each other's time and John's mom came to meet Elizabeth -

Laura and I got creative with a box and decorated it as a policeman and fireman (one on each side).

Drew got a sandbox from his Baba while she was visiting. This has been great fun for Drew and nice when I am getting dinner ready - he can go out by himself and play on the playset and in his sandbox. Here Drew had a play date with Connor from down the street and they played with Drew's new Cozy Coup (compliments of Nana for Drew's Bday) and it's pull behind trailer (compliments of Baba). They had a great time and then went to the pool to play - I'm sure Drew will want his Nana and Baba to come in often - he seems to do alright ;).

Laura let us drop off Elizabeth at her apt the other night so John and I could take Drew to the 'Farmer in the Dell' petting zoo at a local park -they had tractors and animals everywhere. Drew ran up to the ducks yelling quack quack quack - good times, he was very interested in picking up grass and feeding it to the animals.

Lots of pictures - this is only a few. A quick video of him trying to feed the sheep - the goats were way more into the eating than the sheep and this little goat jumped up on top of the chicken cage while roaming free around the area. Drew had games to play there - he helped do the chicken dance (Chick-fil-a was sponsoring) with the Cow's and got to eat his first sno-cone.

Elizabeth has started making noises - tried to capture here on video for a bit - she is continuing to grow like a weed - I have already had to adjust the straps on her carrier to help her very tall

body fit in it. She is a very happy baby and sleeping from about 9:30-6am already - some earlier and some later mornings - she is taking almost 4 oz each feeding with 2 feedings topping 5.5 oz - goodness - I am pumping to bottles but winding down on that - with two kids it is very hard to keep breastfeeding and chasing a toddler.

I have started back at work a day or two a week - it is earlier than expected but I got a new role in our Fabric Care business on Tide and there is a huge meeting on 8/3 I want to be prepared for so I don't get something I am not sure about :). We are continuing to find a balance with 2 kiddos in the house but starting to get our groove on and figure it out. Trips coming up soon at the end of July and the first of September. More to come.