Monday, November 30, 2009

Nov 2009 - New foods, new moods.....

So, we didn't update at the end of Oct - we skipped costumes all together....I think Drew will make it :). As we headed into November, Drew's teeth pain started up! No teeth yet but a WHOLE lot of slobber and gnawing. Drew's everyday attire starts with some sort of onesie (with out without a pair of pants to match) and a BIB - we go thru about 5-6 bibs a day.

The most exciting thing this month: exercise and healthy eating - not dieting - healthy eating. John and I invested in the 'biggest loser' armbands to keep track of our calories burned, sleep efficiency and levels of vigorous and moderate activity. Daddy and Mommy want to be around to see Drew in his old age so we are up in the mornings at 6 am for some exercise and John is cooking dinner in the evenings. John is down over 15 pounds and mommy has lost over 5" on my waist.....let's not talk about pounds yet :). Even Drew is exercising as seen here.....

Drew has started with some very good foods - he has moved from rice cereal into green beans and green peas (his favorite) as well as several other mixed vegetable medleys. We then tried squash (digestive system can't handle that yet :)) and carrots - just last night we tried pears...more fruits to come. Here is a picture and a great video below...

Daddy left the first week to go pheasant hunting in North Dakota - he loaded up with a few friends and 5 dogs - that's right - I didn't mis-type, 4 men and 5 dogs in an 18 passenger van for 17 hours to go hunting for 3 I remember why I don't hunt :). They had a great time and brought home lots of birds.
Mom flew in the next week, Greg followed on Thursday the 12th and Bryan on Friday to join us in Columbus for the Iowa-Ohio State football game - we had some great tailgating as you can see in the pics - a couple rounds of flip cup and some good times. Although Iowa lost, it was a great time and good to be with friends and family in our on-going desire for football mayhem.

Soon after my side of the family left - soon came John's family for Thanksgiving - we had a great time with everyone. Gunnar (2) and Hunter (4) played with Drew while he was in his jumper in video below. Jen also read all the boys books together in the picture here.

John and Chris (brother in law) took charge of planning Thanksgiving dinner - lobster, walleye, crabcakes, smoked salmon spread, boiled shrimp, grilled bacon wrapped shrimp, steamers and raw oysters........needless to say, we ate a variety of this over 3 days - NOT 1 - I know I said healthy eating....well so we ate little bits across 3 we cheated for a few days :) and worked out extra.

The girls on the other hand were in charge of activities. We headed to the Children's museum on Wednesday (Drew stayed home with Maggie), Coco-keys Indoor Waterpark on Thursday and The Aquarium on Saturday.

Drew loved the water at the park swimming with mommy, daddy and Baba. The boys ran wild and exuded some energy allowing for long naps that afternoon :).

We forgot the stroller at the aquarium so Drew got to get in his first umbrella stroller - ahhh, the germs on this borrowed thing......good times....
Everyone left Saturday and John and I returned to the basics - Drew and I got sick - his nose is running and some coughing - a slight, my turn......I am beginning to think this is just how I spend my Thanksgiving time of year.
December brings several Christmas parties, Drew's christmas pics, a 6 mos old celebration and preparations for the trip to Maui on the 28th. Take care and have a safe holiday season!