Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Room Decorating - 1 and 2 - and oh yeah, a name!!

So the last few weeks we have been very busy decorating the room(s) - The move started with Lala into the downstairs bedroom - whew, then the furniture from her old room moved to the bonus area.....arrrggghhhh......House is looking quite attractive - NOT. Then we moved Drew into a bigger room - we moved from his Curious George decor to a pottery barn sports theme - I still have to get his name hung above his crib but he has much more room now for his play area. The border is a bit higher with colors of red, navy, nautical blue and green. You can see the quilt for his soon to be toddler bed on the chair in the corner. He is connected to a bathroom so needless to say my tub is no longer toy central but I have noticed the water spreads much faster and further in this smaller tub :(. Drew took to his room great after the first night where he preferred to be in the room with mommy and daddy but he finally gets that it is his room - I think when Curious George disappeared he moved on...

Now for room #2 (or #3 if you count Laura's move)......Baby Elizabeth Anne Rardin's room - yes, we have finally picked the name and are very excited - we will not have a nickname for Elizabeth except maybe "E" and any cutsie items we come up with but really want to call her by her full name Elizabeth. Elizabeth is my middle name, Beth is my mom's middle name and Anne is John's mom's middle name so we have opted to stay more traditional with her name as well. We have decorated in chocolate and pink with some bright pink/blue/green accents as a border. We are still waiting on her furniture - an off white crib that grows with her to a full/double as she gets older and a full dresser similar to Drew's but more girly :). As you can see by her closet picture - she needs nothing - between Laura and I's shopping spree when we found out it was a girl (hey, Carter's was having a sale), the neutral stuff of Drew's she can wear and the hand me downs - we are all set - we have everything washed and ready to go. We are waiting on a few more letters to come in at Hobby Lobby so we can get her name painted chocolate and next to the flower on the wall above where her crib will go. Glad to have this all ready and next month Laura is moving to her own apartment - she is excited to 'get away' occasionally and have her own oasis so we will get her settled soon and then get the last guest room back to guest status.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011!

For Valentine's Day, Lala made pink waffles although Drew was running fever and not feeling well (he caught the crude that I had a week ago, gave to Lala and caught from her - good news, John never got it :)). So needless to say, Lala and I had pink waffles and Drew had juice and our lap to sit on.

By the afternoon Drew was feeling better so he decided to take his women out for V-day since John was in Pittsburgh on business. He got all dressed up :).

26 weeks!

So here we are at 26 wks pregnant - showing quite a bit compared to baby Drew but I guess when you have no stomach muscles left......that's the way it goes :). Feeling okay - have my moments (like crawling around on the floor to wrestle Drew) but other than that, not too bad.

January 2011

Drew got a Texas onesie pajama for Christmas from his Aunt Erin (eenie weenie) which he loves and wears as often as possible. Note he is wearing the pj's here while he is working on escaping the house :).

This month started off with a few playdates. Drew went to the aquarium with Jorja - she is of course dressed to the top with a bow that matches (as always). The weather is still a bit off so Drew also takes trips to the mall play area as well to blow off some steam in addition to mall walking with is Auntie Lala.

Drew & LaLa also headed to Totter Otterville with Jorja for another playdate. They aren't too sure of each other at this point but were happy to play with all the toys and specifically the train table.
Not alot of words right now but alot of imitations of animal noises (cows, owls, ducks, etc). Of course he just points and screams until we, adults, figure out what he wants - drinks, food, etc. He uses the 'more' sign language gesture for just about everything, even 'please'. Cute but a bit frustrating. :)