Thursday, September 30, 2010

The beginning of a new time - 15 months!

Pls see all of the posts from today - I am playing catch up for the last 6 months - Mother of the Year Award - I know... So, Drew is 15 months this month and full of energy - he is laughing, entertaining, dare I say running? He knows what he wants and when he wants it but has NO idea how to communicate it - he can follow commands like, 'pick that up and bring it over here' - he is sitting better for book time but still loves to be outside each and every minute.

This month my Uncle Doug came to visit and took us to a red's game - he spent some time with his great - nephew? Is that correct? :) - Laura got her picture with the red's mascot guy thing - whatever his name is - we happen to sit next to the $1 dog stand so we had about 15 hotdogs between the 4 of us and lots of those not so $1 beers :).

Drew also loves his baths - Laura and I decided to try a bubble bath with the jacuzzi jets on - needless to say -we made more than enough bubbles :). Laura put on her bathing suite and dove in to help Drew with the deeper water....

We had some friends come down from Finley, OH - The Haiglers - we went to Kings Island for P&G day and then retired in the mancave for some good ole football watching. The kids played together and their girls helped with Drew. The Freed's joined us and next thing I knew, we had all bought tickets to the Michigan/IA football game in October - more to come on that game.

We took a few more visits to the zoo - on a nice cool morning - Wendy, Sophia, Sharon (Wendy's mom), Drew and I piled in the car with the wagon in the back and headed to the zoo - we got time to pet the animals and Drew decided he would rather ride the goats then feed them :).

We also rode the train around the zoo grounds - Drew had a magnificent time looking at everything from a spot on the train.

We took our picture on the brass gorilla and Drew as having a blast - they were so tired they both fell asleep before we even turned out of the parking lot.

I threw in this picture as well - he is wearing his Texas orange shirt - well, actually it was his onesie from last year but I just cut off the bottom and made a shirt out of it (classy). Drew rode the 'fire engine' at the check out of the Toys R Us - he is quite the community helper.

Drew has started play dates with a little girl we met in Gymboree. We actually ran into her parents on the way to Vegas - they were sitting across the aisle - small world - they actually said, 'do you have a son, named Drew?' - a bit odd from strangers on the plane - but hysterical because John and I always thought Drew would be rememebered by people when he is famous :) but at 15 months old? So here he is in his first play date clothes - all dressed up and ready to play. So big!!
Drew went for his 15 month check-up and he had made up for his decline in the % height charts - he is now 34" tall and almost 17 lbs - he is tall and skinny - he grew 2 inches in 3 months - now almost wearing full 2T clothing but still fitting in some 18 month old clothes. His height is back up to 110% of the charts :) He is growing up so fast!