Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wk 5 & 6 - Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the extreme delay in our posts - we have been busy, busy, busy. Baba spent the rest of the weekend with us and we had a great time - we took Drew to Newport on the Levee and the Findlay Market - we walked around and had a late lunch at Jax.
The big ONE MONTH check-up was Monday and Drew measured 23in. and a whopping 11lbs, 13 oz - basically 12 lbs. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I knew he was bigger but for goodness sakes. He is now wearing 6-9 mos. outfits (yes, he was able to wear almost every outfit he got at least once....once I say before having to move on to the larger items like these red sweatpants at Wk 5- hysterical). I asked a billion questions about his little body but all looked good - a bit of reflux with this 'choking' thing he does but he manages to keep it down so I will take that and run....the picture on the right in yellow is at Wk 6 - he's growing and growing and growing.....

Baba left us on Monday afternoon (she'll be back in August) and shortly followed, Auntie Lala (Laura) - she arrived on Tuesday and helped me around the house, cooking, holding Drew, walks, was great, she even did the first middle of the night feeding for me. I think John is getting spoiled with all these helpers :). We visited my office on that Wednesday to show off the Drewster - he slept and was passed around to his buddies, Tracy and Andrea. This wore him out so much he slept from 9:30pm to 4:45 am - GIDDY UP!! Thursday, Drew's Auntie Eenie Weenie came in town (aka Erin pic on left - I gave her that nickname since Erin will be hard to say :)....I'm not sure she is keen on it but it is growing on her :))...LOL....Drew once again made it another night from 9:15 to 5am....could this be a trend?

Friday am we got up and moving early - we headed to John's office to show off the Drewster there as well - they gobbled him up - he awoke to flatter them with his long eyelashes and smiles. He is holding his head up on his own already and very alert and focused on things around him. We proceeded to run errands for the next 4 hours - needless to say, Drew had a very busy day (as well as his mother - but after a full nights sleep I felt like a rockstar). Laura and Erin offered to watch Drew for a bit so John and I could run to Happy Hour for a friends promotion (I think we were gone a whole 2.5 hrs :)). Good to be out with folks from the office again - feeling 'normal'. Could Drew really go down for a third night in a row for almost 8 hrs?????? YES - he did it ladies and gentlemen - I think we have a repeatable trend.......keep your fingers crossed.
We spent the rest of the weekend watching movies, running errands, going to the mall, Newport on the Levee and various other locations. Lots of moving and, I am getting tired...A bit too much too fast for me - Drew on the other hand is a rockstar. We wrapped up Autie Lala's and Auntie Eenie Weenie's visit with getting our nails done and running last minute errands for Drew's FIRST AIRPLANE FLIGHT!!!!

That's right, Nana flew Drew and myself to Texas to visit for a week. From J's point of view....."Show him off to everyone so when we go in October for a weekend of football we don't have to try and visit 25 people in 48 hours :)." Well, that was a great idea because we haven't stopped since we set foot in the great state of TEXAS.
The flight was ok - I had it all planned out, upgrade to first class - check, window seat - check, feeding times to peg right when loaded on plane - check, extra time for check in - check, no extra carry-ons - check.......Ahhh, the best laid plans......flight delayed, aircraft downsized to no first class, new seating assignment at back of plane - loud, cramped small plane and another 45 minutes waiting on plane fully loaded before leaving......legs already falling asleep - check.....GOOD TIMES...of course, Drew never even flinched, slept, stretched out, he was good to go.
We met Uncle Matt (right) and my friend Krista and her son Klyde (left) - they came over for dinner on Wed. Followed that Thursday night for Mexican food with one of mom's good friends Becky and her daughter, Sarah, and their family friends.

Friday, we have visited our Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Frank and the three boys, Jack, Patrick, and Chance. Their twins (Patrick and Chance) were 12 lbs at 8wks and now weigh 24 lbs at 6 months (pic on left of BB and Tiff with them) - if this is a sign of what's to come with Drew - holy mary mother of goodness......Their children are sooooo big. Uncle Frank grabbed a quick pic with Drew in between the feedings, bathings, and bedtimes :).....

We had Gretchen (from college), her husband, Derek, daughter, Natalie, and friend Mitch over for swimming and dinner on Saturday. Drew and I both got in the pool for the first time since Drew was born. The first time we put him in, he fell asleep - hmmmm - maybe too much of a full belly.....he had to wear lots of clothes and a hat to protect him from the sun - good thing we put them on him - he won't fit in them again :(.....after a bit of a snooze he got back in the water in the shade and was digging it without his shirt - he was soothed and loving it - some cooing and kicking......

Stay tuned for the Wk 7 Update - flight home and the rest of our Texas adventures.....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wk 4 - It's always darkest before the dawn!!

So here we are - we have made it 4 wks - Drew is officially one month old - yahoo!! Last Saturday Aunt Jen and Uncle Ed came over for a visit and we played some cards and hung out - Drew wasn't much for entertaining as he still sleeps all the time. Sunday we ran errands and just hung out - John cooked me steak for dinner - it was wonderful (I guess the usual cereal isn't a good dinner if you are trying to breastfeed:)).

Daddy headed out to PA for his manager retreat and left on Tuesday morning after my maternity meltdown (burp already and could you pls sleep without gas issues??? I was not drinking enough water not eating the right dinners.....needed some repairs....) - I was looking forward to Lisa coming over to help with Drew, she is great with babies. I made it till 3 when she got there and I handed Drew over and went for a well desired nap - I could have slept all night - yeah, right....Lisa cooked homemade mac n' cheese (comfort food), porkchops and bake potatoes - yes - a homecooked meal!!

I finally got around to reading my books on after the delivery and they were very helpful - first words of advice after sleep, sleep, sleep; get out of the house, call 'friends with child' to blow off steam, and go Lisa came over earlier on Wed and we went out for lunchGOT MILK??

and shopping to find a few pairs of shorts and tops that fit me. I skipped my afternoon nap and well, I was exhausted - Drew was having some gas pains and was scarfing down food only to throw it all up and then go for some explosive diarrhea on his dear old mother - check out the photo of my 'mustard seed shirt' and the GOT MILK face :) - I couldn't stop laughing.

After Tuesday am I wasn't sure I could make it thru two nights and mornings by myself but it worked - we made it - AND I figured out Drew can't do orange juice - I think that was one of the things I have been missing - OJ, oranges, and cantalope (must not like the color orange :)). Now that this is figured out - we are doing much better with the gas - we have better days and nights - he is burping better, I have figured out how in the middle of the night to 'process' him thru the feeding (feed, burp, diaper, burp, feed, burp, burp, burp.....well you get the message).

So Thursday, our friends from Thailand came into the states and (the dad, Phillip) came over for dinner, John came home from PA and Baba (John's Mom Barbara) came in town. Baba is so excited to see Drew and would hold him morning, noon, and night god willing - fine by me, you can't spoil a baby this young and I get a break :). We enjoyed just relaxing on Friday while John went to a few work appts and then while Baba watched Drew, J and I went to the dog park with the four dogs - there was a Cincinnati Sports League happy hour there - it took us a while to get all their shot information, sign up, and get the temperment test but we made it in an hour later :). The dogs had a blast - we came home to Mr. Drew having once again eaten us out of house and home with downing over 5 oz of milk and then more when I got home - we took a quick bath and then to bed - for over 6.5 hrs ---- YEEHAW!!!

This next week Aunt Laura and Aunt Erin come in town to play with Drew and we have our 4 wk check-up at the doctor's office - more to come....Drew is already over 11 lbs :).........seriously.....