Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year - "Mele Kalikimaka"

So Mom took us all to Hawaii for New Years!! Drew hadn't started crawling so the ride over wasn't too bad - we left for the airport at 3:30 am and flew thru Dallas to join on the same flight as Mom, Greg, Laura and Erin. 6 adults....1 child....we can handle this!! A few tired meltdowns getting to the house but once there Drew adjusted well - no real problems......this was the view from our back porch overlooking the 13th hole and you could watch the whales in the distance.

We adjusted to the time quite easily - well if getting up at 6 am everyday of your own free will and going to bed around 8:30 or 9 at night :). The first few days were spent at the beach or in the pool - there was a 'hot tub' that had lava rocks all around it on our back porch so Drew and his cousin Madeline spent some time 'swimming' there as well. Jeff and Angela with Madeline and Drew at the pool (yes, they should have another kid :)).

And of course, if the pool, beach or hot tub didn't do it....there was always a pot of water, an umbrella and a towel for entertainment. Madeline and Drew had a such a fun time together. I had to add in a few random pics of Drew enjoying the water in his cool hat and sunglasses :).
Laura and Erin played with Madeline and Drew everyday (dare I say spoiled....?). We took Drew's jumper and Madeline and Drew had a great time "swinging". Drew mastered crawling while we were there - a bit more of an army crawl or maybe even more like doing 'the worm' dance - kicks with his feet and then the rest of his body does a 'wave' up to his arms to move. Pretty funny to watch but he can get across the room in no time. The kids did great and the adults got to spend some time out and about as well.

Angela got a photographer to come out and take family photos - I have added in the website for them in case you want to see... - they turned out great and we just can't decide which ones we want....there are also some NOT so great photos but the cutest is the Forest Gump picture of John and Drew :).
We went to a luau - Laura and Erin met some locals and had a 'good ole time' - we went deep sea fishing.....didn't catch a thing...but lots of good beers were had. We went snorkeling and got to swim around a old ship wreck - the winds were backwards for those few days on the water which made for rough waters but we were able to see great types of fish - we also snorkeled just off the beach near our place and saw a huge sea turtle come up for air and head back down. We took underwater pictures but I have yet to have them developed :), I've gotten so used to digital! It is mating season for the whales right now in Hawaii and we saw SOOOO many - we had one that just came right near our boat and jumped out to do tricks for us - we got video but not so much on the picture side of life.
After a day of rest we went zip lining - we had a blast - it was a great time and Laura and Erin had me in tears I was laughing so hard. It was the ziplining place that the bachelorette, Jillian, filmed her show last season.....just a bit of odd trivia for you.

As a family we got to head out to lunch and dinner a few times and just had a really great time going in and out of little shops. It was finally time to head home and the Texas game was on - we only got to see the first half before we boarded but I got updates before we lost touch over the ocean and I am sad to say...I got the news when we landed (I am sort of glad I didn't see the game it sounded like a heart stopper). We were definitely spoiled on the flight with the extra leg room and space we had but it made Drew's sleep time so much easier - we woke him 20 minutes before we landed. It only took Drew 5 days to transition back to sleeping thru the night - I can definitely say I am spoiled when it comes to his sleeping thru the night since 8.5 wks old.