Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wk 9.....15 and counting...pounds not kids!!

So we started off his 9th week at our neighbors 30th wedding anniversary party across the street. We asked Maggie (potential nanny at the time) to babysit Drew and by the time she showed up Sat night, we were ready to offer her a full time job. We are so excited to have her be part of our family now, she will come over M-F in the morning and stay till we get home from work. We are still working out all the details but she and Drew will grow to be great friends. She might have thought we were a bit crazy with mommy and daddy's first night out, not driving, full night sleeping child.....we definitely had more than our fair share of fun.

Monday began with our 2 month doctor appt ----Drew is a whopping 15 lbs and 25 in long - yes, he is off the charts - I think it looks something like around 102% - carrying him around is getting harder and harder with my back.....this is just the beginning. He is still gaining almost a lb a week (vs. 1 lb per 2 wks on average) and gaining about 1/2 inch a week in length. He is wearing 6-9 month clothes due to his length but has plenty of room for growth horizontally (unlike his parents :)). Doc says we are doing great and making great progress.

This is the first week that John and I have had at home without company - it was a nice change of pace although I came close to climbing the walls by mid week. We had lunch with Drew's playdate, Jorja and her mom, Autumn (a couple we met in child birth class - Jorja was born 2 wks after Drew) - they started at the same weight but Drew is fastly passing Jorja in her dainty ways. We went to my office on Tuesday to check in before my 1st day back on Thursday. Shelly watched Drew for a bit while I sat in on a state of the business meeting and then we headed for our rounds....the Market Logistics Manager meeting, the office girls (Andrea, Sally and Tracy) and various others....we stopped by to see Sara as well - here is a pic - Drew was an angel all day - we wore him out because he slept from 8:30 to 8:30 - 12 hours!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

We managed to duplicate his sleeping pattern for the rest of the week - I think we have a I headed back to work, this was a much needed schedule enhancer. John took vacation on Thursday and Friday to watch Drew while I headed to work. He called me the first day to let me know that the 'boys' were out running errands and that Drew let John know that he was having a great time with his Dad and Mommy didn't need to worry. It was hard going back but I enjoyed being back in the swing of things - kind of nice to see all the systems I put in place working when I came back.

Between Thursday and Friday, John and Drew hit every man shop there was, Hhgregg (electronics), Bestbuy, Lowes, Home Depot, Microcenter and Walmart......good grief - just don't teach him how to spend money like you, Daddy!!! J did great and Drew is still breathing :). We finished up the week at a bbq for a Give Back Cincinnati peep. Whew!!! Here is a quick video of Drew talking....sorry for all the extra air time - for some reason he doesn't understand his cues yet :).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wk 7 & 8 - The end of visits......for a while.....

Wow - we have had quite a busy time....let's see, since we last updated finished up our TX trip, flew back to OH and spent a week with our Pawpaw and Mimi (Dad and Suzette) at home.

We visited with GW and BB (Lamar (L) and Bobbie (R), Jeff's godparents) in Dallas, Tiffany and baby Chance (on left) came over to visit as well. We then went home to Mom's house and saw mom's good friends, Becky and Patti. Monday, Drew and I went to my mom's work to see 'the girls' and we visited with some of my highschool girlfriends and their kids in McKinney, Jennifer and Jenny.

Tuesday we started with dressing Drew for lunch at Texadelphia (my FAVORITE spot to eat in Dallas) - Tiff gave me back one of the onesies we had given the twins - it barely fit him but we made it work. After lunch, we took a quick swim in the pool and headed up to see a P&G retiree and friend from Jackson, TN (Merrel Miller) and his wife and got to visit about past memories and get caught up on P&G gibberish. We landed back at the house for my last round of nanny interviews via phone......whew, that is a whole other story within it's self........Uncle Dustin (Uncle Doody) came over for a bit to meet Mr. Drew and we got a cute pic of the two of them - he didn't want to put him down and was ready to take Drew home with him.

While we enjoyed our time in Dallas and all the help from Nana, GG, Auntie Eenie Weenie and auntie Lala (she finally figured out how to swaddle), I was anxious to get home and get settled again. We traveled back without many problems (I sat on the aisle this time, worked much better on the small planes). We were excited to see Daddy and show him all of our progress. We only had a few days to get settled before our Pawpaw and Mimi came to visit. I played Euchre with my monthly group of friends while Daddy babysat (bathed, walked, fed, no prob he said). Friday, our realtor (and friend), Maryann, offered to watch Drew while hit a Red's game - we were going to take him but opted out to take time just for us - her family loved it and took him to Hyde Park Country Club to show him off - he is such the socialite :).

Dad and Suzette arrived Saturday and we went with the Herringtons to Fuji Steakhouse for sushi and habachi. They watched Drew Sunday night late to allow us to get some time to ourselves on Sunday for a movie, Hangover - and yes, I told John if he EVER performed those tricks with our son as a baby........TROUBLE!!! LOL!

We spent the rest of the week learning how to smile and talk - he is quite a jibberjabber now and is not just smiling to let out some gas :). We went to the market on Wednesday and down to Newport for lunch on Thursday. Dad and John played golf on Friday and we topped off the week with Night Golf at the Country Club. A fellow Texas Alumni offered to watch Drew so the 4 of us could play glow in the dark golf. I never knew I could laugh so hard - Suzette had on the neon necklace and headband - I swear Olivia Newton John was there on the golf course.....we had a great time and got home in time for folks to get a good night's sleep before heading to the airport to say goodbye.

Drew really grew up this last week (he is already driving :)), his personality is starting to shine through and his smile is contagious....he is scooching on his back (you have to watch him or he will scooch right off the ottoman) and talking up a storm.