Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Genetic Testing & Florida!

Pls try and read all the recent posts - I am making up for lost time - so this month we had quite a few things going on - we had the genetic testing for Baby #2, when you get as old as me, you are entitled to this testing :). Everything came out great and we have some pictures from the ultrasound. We got to see a 3D view this time as well - a bit weird to see but we could see him or her dancing around in there non-stop.

While waiting for our results on the testing - we headed off to Florida (Laura and I got 3 seats to share with Drew while J sat in another row - Laura took this photo) - Mom rented a condo for the month and all of us, children, headed down - a bit nutso but very good times. Drew got extremely acclimated to the water and the weather for that matter. John and I stayed down for a week and after coming home enjoyed about 5 days with just the two of us as Laura and Drew stayed down with Mom for another couple of days. Jeff, Angela and cousin, Madeline, were all in town and Erin was even able to join for a weekend - Madeline helped take care of Drew and Drew was very fond of her rented 'toddler bed' and her Barney movies. We got to see Aunt Sarah and Aunt Gail while we were there - they tolerated the craziness for longer than expected, they are real troopers - once kids went down, we played dominos and cards most nights. Mom, Laura, Drew, Angela and Madeline went to the zoo after the rest of the adults left and got a great pic of Mom, Lala and Drewster.

Drew wore floaties for the first time and took to the water like a fish. He was quick to go right past the area where he could stand and use his strong shoulder muscles to keep himself a float with no issues. Here he is in almost 6' of water by himself. It certainly made the trips to the pool more enjoyable (and a bit less dangerous).

We went to the beach and let the kids play in the park - this is a great picture of Drew in his IA jersey swinging on the swing.
Upon returning home, the ragrat needed his haircut bad - Lala and I just couldn't keep up with trying to do at home anymore. So when John's mom, Barb (aka Baba) came in the wknd before Turkey Day, they headed up to the Cookie Cutters for an eventful haircut.

After Barb left (only a quick visit), Dad and Suzette came in town to visit with Mr. Drew - it had been since March since they saw him but he took to them with no problems (they brought books and a small tractor - they know a way to a kid's heart). We went to the aquarium while they were here - lots of fish to see, reindeer and jellyfish. I was unfortunately exhausted from all the excitement from the month - oh, and being pregnant so they allowed me to rest for a bit and after Turkey Day - they headed back to Texas.

We finished up the month decorating for Christmas - pictures coming in December.