Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010

July didn't bring a ton of new experiences - but we did get to go to the zoo and try fingerpainting - Drew and Lala are regularly running errands and trying new things. He is a smily guy in the car - well for the time being :)....

We bought some finger paints to try out - thank goodness they are non-toxic and we have a bathtub near by....

There are lots of Church events in July and August to raise money so we ventured out to ride som rides, bid on some items and eat some crazy food. We tried Drew and Laura on the Dumbo ride, thought is was good idea, but he screamed and cried most of the time, while he has the size for these rides, he doesn't have the maturity yet :).

We still take Drew over to the neighbors alot to play with their little girls, Olivia and Sophia - they let him 'borrow' their pink wig to
wear - needless to say, John was not too thrilled with this idea.

Drew has been to the zoo a few times - he is really starting to catch on to the animals - you know, finally a live animal with a name and sounds versus his picture books and my oink and moo sounds :). It was soo hot at the zoo though, we need to wait till closer to Sept for it to cool down a bit. After a long day, Drew was plum tuckered out -
John and I traveled up to Pittsburgh - well, a resort outside of Pittsburgh for his work - I took my work with me and while laying by the pool, got quite a bit of work done - maybe I should ask my boss for this ability on-going?? Not so sure it will go over well. So besides some heat and some animals - On to August!!