Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jan 2010 - New Year, New You, New Drew

So lots of milestones this month....and with that, not alot of rest time for the parents :). Drew returned home from his trip to Hawaii with severe jet lag - like 5 days of not sleeping thru the night to the point I thought something was wrong and took him to the doctor....yes, it just wasn't normal to which the Doctor said....plain and simple, jetlag. I guess one benefit to heading to the doctor - weights and measures - yep, rounding 23 lbs and almost 32".....we are in 18month clothing :).

Big boy baths are the 'new' thing - he is still figuring out how to not slide all over the tub (notice the large bump on his eye from a spill....yes I was watching him)....we just got a non-slip mat to put in the tub....should help significantly.

Upon our return our new nanny started on Monday, "Ti" (short for Tiara) jumped right in and Wed J and I both left to go out of town for business at the same time...it was bound to happen sooner or later. Of course while we were gone, Drew decided to sleep thru the night for Ti - I could count on my hands how many times he decided to do that this month - at least he was an angel for her.

We returned home to Drew's first tooth....ahhhh, the rough sleeping pattern.....he slept for 2 more nights and then returned to his new norm....waking when God has clearly turned out the lights. So now I think, is it the food he is eating, is it how long his naps are during the day....I'm reading, reading......out pops another tooth....so now we are up to 2.

Another first for Drew, he rides in the carts at the store now...big boy times....a little overstimulation but he loves it - he wants to hold everything I put in the cart so we go to the pasta aisle first for macaroni to shake :). He especially likes the 'tasters' - breads, fruits....he is all about trying those (and unfortunately so is his mother...a moment on the lips, forever on the hips - so I carry Drew on my hips to hide them ;)).

Drew's sleeping pattern is still not completely returned.....we had gotten into all sorts of foods so we have pulled back and are easing into more foods little by little.

He is eating noodles and still some jar food, fruits, vegetables....he loves all kinds - in fact, at dinner, we can't get it to him fast enough so he has moved to an afternoon snack as well.....jello.....kind of messy :).

We are still going strong on the weight loss - mine, of course, is much slower than a man's - John has lost almost 30 lbs now - I am back to pre-pregnancy Europe Trip weight....still have 20 more to go :). John and I have a few overnights planned in February to 'get away' and John's mom will be here mid month to 'play' we can't wait for her to see how he has grown. Drew is a regular 'skyper' now, he keeps up with family on the webcam regularly - just call and we can skype with you too....it's free :).