Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Iowa!!

We headed to Boone, IA for the Christmas holiday. We had a great time playing in Aunt Jenny's and Uncle Chris' (Bones) giant shed/garage - sledding in the snow and opening presents.

Here is Drew posing for one of several dozen photos for his Aunt Jenny - he was modeling with different poses - hysterical.
Drew also got to 'sled' behind the four wheeler - the snow was so thick we were safe that the sled couldn't slide into the 4 wheeler - :) - mother of the year - he had a blast playing but once up and able to run and play - not so much, a little too deep of snow and he was packaged up like a snausage.
We headed to church and tried to grab a photo quickly :) - Drew had all of a 15 minute nap that day - nice -
While opening of presents, Drew was much more into paper than presents or puzzles - he and
the boys ripped up all the paper (along with Baba's help) and then kept throwing it up in the air like it was snow - nice - very messy but fun. Baba got all three of her grandsons to sit still in the same pj's for pictures.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Ho Ho - The end of a year......

So here we are, caught up for the calendar year - I think the New Year's Resolution will support regular updates of the blog - they will be short but often (I hope). We got the house decorated the last weekend of the month, lights all over the outside like the Griswold's Christmas Movie. We finally moved to a 'fake' tree to allow for dogs and small children's hands. After the next several years will move back to a real tree.

This month has come and gone - with traveling to a lull - we had some company the first weekend of the month from New Orleans. Scott McCoy, Michael (Scott's partner), Scott Jr. and Jen all came for a visit and to watch the Saints vs. Bengals game. This was also the weekend we got lots of snow. The football game was so FRICKIN cold - I am bundled up and only my eyes can be seen.

We spent the next few weekends shopping for Christmas gifts, attending Holiday parties and spending time with friends. The Herrington's went in on adopting a family for Christmas with us. We had a family of 6 to shop for and were able to budget to buy three of the children bikes (the 4th was a newborn - not needed :)). We are headed to Iowa for part of Christmas while Laura heads to Dallas - we have a friend staying at the house and watching over the dogs.

The snow came in thick last week - John bought a sled for Drew and ran around in the COLD with him - we are now nursing a runny nose but he had SUCH a good time. He looks like the kid off of A Christmas Story that is so bundled up he can't walk - LOL.

Laura and Drew have been helping run errands and we finally got the garage so emptied out we could fit all three SUV's inside away from the snow. Drew is still bundled up though for errands while the car warms up.

We got the Christmas shopping and wrapping done quickly so we could celebrate Christmas before we all leave on vacation. Lots of gifts for such a small family. When Drew got up from his nap yesterday we opened presents - he got lots of music items and a big yellow tonka truck. I think he got the hang of unwrapping presents which made it so much fun to watch.

I will post more pic from Iowa where I am sure I have no idea how snowy it can get.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Genetic Testing & Florida!

Pls try and read all the recent posts - I am making up for lost time - so this month we had quite a few things going on - we had the genetic testing for Baby #2, when you get as old as me, you are entitled to this testing :). Everything came out great and we have some pictures from the ultrasound. We got to see a 3D view this time as well - a bit weird to see but we could see him or her dancing around in there non-stop.

While waiting for our results on the testing - we headed off to Florida (Laura and I got 3 seats to share with Drew while J sat in another row - Laura took this photo) - Mom rented a condo for the month and all of us, children, headed down - a bit nutso but very good times. Drew got extremely acclimated to the water and the weather for that matter. John and I stayed down for a week and after coming home enjoyed about 5 days with just the two of us as Laura and Drew stayed down with Mom for another couple of days. Jeff, Angela and cousin, Madeline, were all in town and Erin was even able to join for a weekend - Madeline helped take care of Drew and Drew was very fond of her rented 'toddler bed' and her Barney movies. We got to see Aunt Sarah and Aunt Gail while we were there - they tolerated the craziness for longer than expected, they are real troopers - once kids went down, we played dominos and cards most nights. Mom, Laura, Drew, Angela and Madeline went to the zoo after the rest of the adults left and got a great pic of Mom, Lala and Drewster.

Drew wore floaties for the first time and took to the water like a fish. He was quick to go right past the area where he could stand and use his strong shoulder muscles to keep himself a float with no issues. Here he is in almost 6' of water by himself. It certainly made the trips to the pool more enjoyable (and a bit less dangerous).

We went to the beach and let the kids play in the park - this is a great picture of Drew in his IA jersey swinging on the swing.
Upon returning home, the ragrat needed his haircut bad - Lala and I just couldn't keep up with trying to do at home anymore. So when John's mom, Barb (aka Baba) came in the wknd before Turkey Day, they headed up to the Cookie Cutters for an eventful haircut.

After Barb left (only a quick visit), Dad and Suzette came in town to visit with Mr. Drew - it had been since March since they saw him but he took to them with no problems (they brought books and a small tractor - they know a way to a kid's heart). We went to the aquarium while they were here - lots of fish to see, reindeer and jellyfish. I was unfortunately exhausted from all the excitement from the month - oh, and being pregnant so they allowed me to rest for a bit and after Turkey Day - they headed back to Texas.

We finished up the month decorating for Christmas - pictures coming in December.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

October - Happy Halloween - times 2?

Again - if just joining - lots of posts today that I back dated - hope you have time to catch up! So this month started off with John and I attending a wedding in Nashville for some friends here in OH. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time out on 2nd street. John had never been there so it was great to get away for a weekend and enjoy time together while Laura and a few others split time with Drew. While it was great, I was unable to have some drinks because we found out we are expecting again :). The doctors told me my body would take a bit of time to get pregnant again.....not so much.... :) Needless to say, we are expecting around the middle of May. Drew and the little one will be 23 months apart - we are really excited and pictures coming over the next few months - the 6 wk picture is not even really readable so I will spare you.

Mom came in town for a weekend so we could go to the IA vs. Michigan game up in Ann Arbor. What a good time - we drove up to Finley OH to stay with the Haiglers and then got up at 6 am Saturday to drive up and tailgate all day long - game was at 3:30pm and IA did a wonderful job coming from behind to beat Michigan. It was Laura's first tailgating experience - I don't think she will ever forget it (or is it remember it? :) ).

I had to go to NY on business for the launch of one of the initiatives I was leading and decided to take Drew and Laura. Needless to say, interesting with a child.....Drew came down with his first ear infection prior to the trip and was placed on amoxicillin - well, only after 7 days on this, we found that he had a reaction - a very strange reaction. Drew was like a holy terror - I had never had this experience with him and hoped I never would again but word of advice to other mom's - if something isn't right, most likely something isn't right. Upon returning home, I called the doc - explained that I know it was weird and to please not laugh but I really did have an angel son and the devil had taken him over....was there anyway it was connected to the medicine? - she quickly told me I hadn't lost my mind and there had been other incidents with other children where this has happened - they would switch the medicine and we should be good. If only we had known that before we 'rained down on Abby's family' :(.

We got to visit with a college friend of mine, Abby, and her two girls - Drew is definitely all boy and very used a much larger living spaces with walls that don't reverberate the sound quite like those of NYC.

Abby lives in NJ a few blocks from the Cake Boss (for those that watch the show). There is a park kitty corner from her place and Drew found good times playing there.

After working, Laura and I took a stroll with Drew around NYC - of course to get there we rode the train, the subway and walked a ton. We were in Times Square where we saw Cookie Monster and Elmo, Drew was so excited but then what was very weird, every place we turned we say more of them...almost spooky :). We visited the Toys R Us Store on Times Square and rode the ferris wheel inside and Drew is pictured here with the King from Candyland.

Upon returning from our wild trip to NYC, Drew had another play date with his friend, Sophia. They went to a place called TotterOtterville - played dress up, played with trains and ran off some steam.

Drew is still very content with inexpensive toys and likes to try and destroy everything he can get his hands on - he is very strong for his age, lifting up large toys to move them in the house. Here he is playing with a large cardboard box - ahhhh, good times. Best part, when he climbs in and thinks it is just fun to sit there - ahhh, contained child.
We finished up this month with Drew's 1st big Halloween. Mom and Drew picked out a 'bear' costume and Drew looked adorable. He really didn't get the jist of trick or treating but John took him around to a few houses anyways. The ladies in the neighborhood and I (with Laura's leadership) - took on planning the neighborhood Halloween Party and we had a fire engine and ambulance come for all the kids to see - Drew climbed up in the Fire Truck (after about 4 determined tries) and once in, did NOT want to get out. He also had his first piece of pizza - again, with the mother of the year award - but he ate it right up.
My favorite video in a while - Drew dancing during a playdate at our house - he definitely got the Julie Jollay and Ronald Fowler musicality gene. Try and not laugh too hard. Headed to FL in November.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The beginning of a new time - 15 months!

Pls see all of the posts from today - I am playing catch up for the last 6 months - Mother of the Year Award - I know... So, Drew is 15 months this month and full of energy - he is laughing, entertaining, dare I say running? He knows what he wants and when he wants it but has NO idea how to communicate it - he can follow commands like, 'pick that up and bring it over here' - he is sitting better for book time but still loves to be outside each and every minute.

This month my Uncle Doug came to visit and took us to a red's game - he spent some time with his great - nephew? Is that correct? :) - Laura got her picture with the red's mascot guy thing - whatever his name is - we happen to sit next to the $1 dog stand so we had about 15 hotdogs between the 4 of us and lots of those not so $1 beers :).

Drew also loves his baths - Laura and I decided to try a bubble bath with the jacuzzi jets on - needless to say -we made more than enough bubbles :). Laura put on her bathing suite and dove in to help Drew with the deeper water....

We had some friends come down from Finley, OH - The Haiglers - we went to Kings Island for P&G day and then retired in the mancave for some good ole football watching. The kids played together and their girls helped with Drew. The Freed's joined us and next thing I knew, we had all bought tickets to the Michigan/IA football game in October - more to come on that game.

We took a few more visits to the zoo - on a nice cool morning - Wendy, Sophia, Sharon (Wendy's mom), Drew and I piled in the car with the wagon in the back and headed to the zoo - we got time to pet the animals and Drew decided he would rather ride the goats then feed them :).

We also rode the train around the zoo grounds - Drew had a magnificent time looking at everything from a spot on the train.

We took our picture on the brass gorilla and Drew as having a blast - they were so tired they both fell asleep before we even turned out of the parking lot.

I threw in this picture as well - he is wearing his Texas orange shirt - well, actually it was his onesie from last year but I just cut off the bottom and made a shirt out of it (classy). Drew rode the 'fire engine' at the check out of the Toys R Us - he is quite the community helper.

Drew has started play dates with a little girl we met in Gymboree. We actually ran into her parents on the way to Vegas - they were sitting across the aisle - small world - they actually said, 'do you have a son, named Drew?' - a bit odd from strangers on the plane - but hysterical because John and I always thought Drew would be rememebered by people when he is famous :) but at 15 months old? So here he is in his first play date clothes - all dressed up and ready to play. So big!!
Drew went for his 15 month check-up and he had made up for his decline in the % height charts - he is now 34" tall and almost 17 lbs - he is tall and skinny - he grew 2 inches in 3 months - now almost wearing full 2T clothing but still fitting in some 18 month old clothes. His height is back up to 110% of the charts :) He is growing up so fast!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of the Summer!! Good and Bad news!

If you are just joining - lots of updates today - trying to catch up for the year - pls read thru all of our exciting events - This was a month of ups and downs - we started off the month wanting to share big news of a new baby on the way but sadly this little one wasn't healthy enough to make the full pregnancy - with a few very supportive friends and co-workers - we looked at this situation with a chance to get focused on each other and our family for the upcoming fall season. We took a some time to go visit Brent & Heather at their 'vacation' home on Lake Michigan. This was Drew's first road trip for 5 hours and he did wonderful. Now, it certainly helped having Laura in the car with us, my driving and John working up front. We moved Drew's seat to the very back of the surburban and then folded the front seats down to give everyone a little bit more room. He snuggled up with his naptime blanket and binky for the trip.

We also got the opportunity to go to the zoo a few more times and up to the giant outdoor waterpark at King's Island since John had a work event there. Drew rode the merry-go-round and had a great time playing in the water. Drew has discovered he can 'touch' and pet the animals at the zoo in the 'farm' area and he was all about getting close.

We just spend lazy time as a family this month - a video below showing Drew hanging in his parent's bed on Saturday morning.

Drew also discovered he can hang on our luggage and we will run him around - the video isn't the best quality but it is quite hysterical running around upstairs on the landing with him holding on. Might not have been such a good thing as he gets bigger and thinks 'what fun!'

By far, the highlight of our month was our trip to Vegas for Brent's 40th Birthday - I met them back when I lived in New Orleans - in fact I had just moved into my house and they were in town with a mutual friend - we hit it off and they continued to visit NOLA regularly and over time they met John, we went to Octoberfest (AKA Drew's inception :)) with them in Munich, regular visits to Chicago and they visited last Fall. Well 15 of us headed to Vegas for quite a ride. Lived like I have never lived and just had such a great time. Here are a few pics from the private cabana, the exclusively private dinner and the private cabana at the night club. Good times - nice way to end a not so great month!!