Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in Iowa!!

We headed to Boone, IA for the Christmas holiday. We had a great time playing in Aunt Jenny's and Uncle Chris' (Bones) giant shed/garage - sledding in the snow and opening presents.

Here is Drew posing for one of several dozen photos for his Aunt Jenny - he was modeling with different poses - hysterical.
Drew also got to 'sled' behind the four wheeler - the snow was so thick we were safe that the sled couldn't slide into the 4 wheeler - :) - mother of the year - he had a blast playing but once up and able to run and play - not so much, a little too deep of snow and he was packaged up like a snausage.
We headed to church and tried to grab a photo quickly :) - Drew had all of a 15 minute nap that day - nice -
While opening of presents, Drew was much more into paper than presents or puzzles - he and
the boys ripped up all the paper (along with Baba's help) and then kept throwing it up in the air like it was snow - nice - very messy but fun. Baba got all three of her grandsons to sit still in the same pj's for pictures.

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