Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct 2009 - Four Months and more travels

We started off the first of the month with our 4 month check-up -at 16 wks old he is 18 lbs and 27.5 in. I know - you are probably thinking if you don't have kids, is this large? And if you do have kids, you might be thinking isn't that what my 1 yr old weighed? THIS SIZE IS OVER THE TOP.....this is 115% of the charts in height and 104% on weight.....Texas Offensive Lineman here we come. Nana says he could still be a dancer or an artist - well, he might be an artist but at this size I don't think he is getting off the ground to dance :). He still has his little mullet that gets ruffled when he sleeps :)...the hair on his head is getting longer but the back still takes over (pic to right).

The doctor was extremely impressed with his 'advanced' motor skills - rolling over, propping himself up, pulling forward like he wants to sit up.....he is becoming quite the little man. We had a few issues with his formula and gassiness so we switched......and then we switched back - I thought the devil had taken over my sweet angel with that last formula. I had to put him to sleep on his back with his legs in the air to help with his belly (see pic). Since we were getting ready to head to Dallas for the week, we switched back and things seemed to have gotten better.

I had a conference in Dallas to attend so I loaded up the Drewster and he and I headed on a plane to Texas - a bit easier this time although I will not pick the 4pm flight from now on - it's just not a great time for him to fly during the day. Nana and GG picked us up and helped take care of Drew for the week while I attended the conference downtown and worked from the house. We got to see Mimi, Papa and Uncle Mattie as well. We all went to lunch and hung out watching the Cowboys on Sunday. Wednesday was Jack's birthday (my godson), the entire family went out for burgers Wednesday night and we took pics of Tiffany's twins and Drew - they are all on the football progression charts - her son's just had their 9 mos. celebration.

With Drew's successful check-up we got to start rice cereal - so we let Nana take a stab at this first......hysterical with rice all over his face (takes after his father :0) Drew has also found his feet this month - he loves to try and put them in his mouth when his fat rolls aren't too big to prevent the stretch :). Mom and Laura took Drew to get pictures done at Target Studio - the CD should be here soon - they took his Texas jersey and naked pics - they are fabulous - look for updates in next blog.

John flew in to Dallas on Friday to go to the Texas-OU game and we had a night away from Drew at Krista's house. John and I went to the game and had a great day just the two of us. We rode rides, played games, drank beer and drank was a quick weekend but we were back to Cinci Sunday at noon to prepare for another long week of work.
Drew started off his time back in OH with lots of gas - he wasn't able to sleep during the night this week which made for a very long week. With a call to the pediatrician on Thursday, we found that making all the bottles early in the day and then heating them up before the feeding should take care of getting all the little gas bubbles out so they don't make their way into his belly.......well, I think I should send Dr. Thind worked...we are back to normal sleeping...woohoo!!!
No Halloween costume yet but we are still undecided if he will even know he doesn't have one :)....a few more update for Oct coming your way in the next blog.