Saturday, May 1, 2010

March Showers bring, well, April Showers

Feels like it has been forever since I have provided an update....hard to do when you are chasing Drew around the house. We came back from Dallas at the end of March and have been quite busy watching the little man grow up fast while we juggle jobs, travel and lots and lots of yard work.
John's management job is going okay - he is finding out all about 'those' folks in management :) - because he is one of them now!! He starting to get his groove with his team and they are all rowing in the same direction now. We are still adjusting to a kid and the 'pulls' from work late in the evenings but John does a great job getting home on time for the nanny to help with Drew and dinner.

We decided to pull up our entire front yard - add dirt, dig up 4 areas for new mulching, install a lamp post, etc.....after cutting the cable wire to our house and the neighbors, damaging three sprinkler heads, cutting a sprinkler line and living with our yard looking like Arizona for two weeks - we finally laid SOD and the little man can play in the grass out front. It was a neighbor effort, everyone pitched in and we are so grateful to getting the work done. We now have lots of cute pics with Drew outside.

We spent Easter with The Herringtons - they came over to the house and we dined in the formal dining room for the first time - super nice to hang out as one big family and we hunted Easter
eggs for almost 3 hours outside while Drew slept in slumber land.

We actually have changed Nannies once again but this time.....LAURA moved up here to be our nanny!!!! We are so excited to have her up here taking care of her nephew. She and mom drove up here together to get her car and stuff moved to the great state of OHIO. We are adjusting to her living in the house but it is going good and over time we will try and help her find an apartment - she is making lots of friends and getting very engaged in social activities.

Drew is still sleeping almost 4 hrs with a two hour nap in the am and two in the pm. He is attending gymboree regularly and loving every minute of it - music class is a bit too slow for him but I'm not giving up - he sure loves the music he just doesn't want to sit still. Food is continuing to expand - with Laura here I have her test all sorts of foods at lunch so I don't 'feel the pain' at night :).....latest item - pad thai #5 spicy - that's my boy!! She sends me pictures while I am at work - here - he decided to climb in the drawer below the oven....nice

The big news about Drew involves......WALKING!!! He is fully walking - dare say, running if he wants to get someplace fast enough. He just decided about 1.5 wks ago to let go of the ottoman and start toward the chair...then the ottoman to the stairs, then the ottoman to the kitchen....and the rest is history.

Laura is taking him to the park a few days a week and he is a big fan of the 'swings' and looking cool - you have to love these pictures!

He also got a hold of the neighbors 'fireman' hat and work it all around the house - here he is smiling for the camera - look at those teeth!!

So we will sign off for now - more to come in the month of may as we get close to Drew's 1st Birthday!!