Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wk 28 - One Meltdown down, many more to go....

So I have put this off forever - I would have been on last week (every 2 wks) but I had a pregnancy meltdown during the picture taking when John started laughing at, we waited a week and have new news to share. My hormones are out of control and he can't walk a straight line without me freaking out :).

We are in Wk 28 - here is a pic of my belly. Andrew is growing quickly - we aren't to the point where they tell my baby will be larger than life but the books say we are around 2.5 lbs and over 15 in. long. (my bet, all legs). It is getting warmer here and I am trying to find clothes to wear that still keep me cool during the day.....thank goodness for Target Maternity.

We have also finished the Drew's room and are just waiting for the furniture to get here - they say within the next few weeks. I finished the touch-ups on the paint for Curious George on the wall and painted that 'billiard green' but the best part was hanging the border - it took all of 15 minutes - the peel and stick is definitely the way to go. You can see the different pics close up and then the overall on one side with the wall across showing George being wisked away with Balloons.

I have added in all of the pics - A bit overboard but you guys are asking for the close-ups - although, don't look too close, you will see my pencil and pen marks :).

I was in Dallas the wknd of the 14th of March, Mom, Laura, and Erin all threw me a baby shower (with Cheryl's help). It was so great to see old friends and some of mom's friends that have known me since I was little. They were all so gracious with the gifts and thanks to an additional suitcase I was able to get it all back. Laura kept putting her mouth on my belly and talking to Drew - pretty entertaining but I am not sure what Drew thought.

I had to take a picture of the Texas Gift I got - it is a diaper cake with a Texas Longhorn blanket wrapped around the bottom layer and then pacifier/pacifier holder up the side and then on top is the Texas Longhorn sippy cup. That Jennifer Jones is so talented and creative.

The girls here are throwing me a shower this weekend and John's mom and sister are making the long drive in from Iowa as well as my good friend from highschool, Heidi, who is coming in from Michigan.

I am looking forward to sitting out on the back porch in the sunny weather visiting and enjoying the company.

John has worked very hard on the outside of the house this past week - over 75 bags of mulch and close to 130 bags of top soil as well as about 14 plants to landscape the side of the is starting to look like there isn't four dogs living in this house out back.

Well - that should do it for now, I will try and take pics this weekend at the shower.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hiddy Ho there neighbor! So I thought wouldn't it be fun to paint curious george on the walls of the baby's room...well, so....once I started I couldn't stop and so needless to is taking FOREVER. The bottom half of the room is billard green - we have a border I need to hang but I thought I would get all of the upper painting done first.

So pencil in hand, then pen (thank goodness for magic eraser) b/c pencil ran out.....I free handed this from the book John and I bought...then took to the paintbrushes....I hope to be done next week but here are pics of the start.

I am headed to Dallas this weekend for a very QUICK time - in and out but with trying to focus on work right now I am left with no play time for vacation. I am very excited folks are taking time out of their busy schedules to come to the shower mom is throwing.
Dad and Suzette are headed up from San Antonio and I hope to stop and see the new Lawson Twins on Friday when I get in as well. Would write more but exhausted after throwing with the dogs, prenatal swim class, and painting for 3 hours. See some of you this weekend -

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wk 25 - March 2009

So time for more pics - I am the size of a house now (or at least a small condo) you can see in the full belly pose - the white thing near my pants is the infamous belly sling - well part of it, I had taken the other half off after 10 hours at work today. I got the paint for the bottom half of Andrew's walls the other day - Billard Green - As soon as we give away the full bed in that room I can get to painting.
Prenatal swimming classes at the healthplex are going well, good to hang with other 'larger than life' women in a large pool of water - priceless! I have a large prego black bathing suit - looks like orca the killer whale when she has us bunny hop to the end of the pool.
Just realized I have only 3 more months of work so I am a bustling person at work puttin in long hours but I am not sure my body can keep up like it used to, lord knows my mind can't, I seem to have to write every little thing down I can to make sure.
John's mom is coming in for the shower on the 28th and I sure do hope his sister can make the haul out here as well. She will stay for a bit and then come back after the baby is born. J and I hope to make it to Dallas for Easter but with rates on tickets right now, it isn't looking favorable - I just want to go somewhere warm - it was 12 degrees this am - supposed to be 60 on Friday - the bouncing around on temperatures plays with your emotions and we are getting closer to heading to steady warmer temperatures. Ta ta for now!