Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hiddy Ho there neighbor! So I thought wouldn't it be fun to paint curious george on the walls of the baby's room...well, so....once I started I couldn't stop and so needless to is taking FOREVER. The bottom half of the room is billard green - we have a border I need to hang but I thought I would get all of the upper painting done first.

So pencil in hand, then pen (thank goodness for magic eraser) b/c pencil ran out.....I free handed this from the book John and I bought...then took to the paintbrushes....I hope to be done next week but here are pics of the start.

I am headed to Dallas this weekend for a very QUICK time - in and out but with trying to focus on work right now I am left with no play time for vacation. I am very excited folks are taking time out of their busy schedules to come to the shower mom is throwing.
Dad and Suzette are headed up from San Antonio and I hope to stop and see the new Lawson Twins on Friday when I get in as well. Would write more but exhausted after throwing with the dogs, prenatal swim class, and painting for 3 hours. See some of you this weekend -

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