Saturday, March 20, 2010

February into March....and we march and we march

Sorry for the delay in updates - I have been working my tail off at work and it is all J and I can do to keep up with the house, our jobs, workouts and DrewBear. February was a month of a few great times and LOTS of SNOW...record months - even Dallas saw 12". Drew only sees outside from the view of the kitchen windows :) got progressively warmer in March but we took his picture in his 'borrowed' nephews outfit..kind of reminds you of 'red rider bb gun movie' with this thick oversized snow outfit, he couldn't even sit
John and I got to 'get away' for a night with our neighbors, Chuck and Wendy. We cashed in some points and were able to get a rooms at the Westin and hit McCormick & Schmidts for dinner, followed by several several several beverages of choice at the Mynt Martini Bar in Downtown Cincinnati and Zazoo's Bar in Covington, KY for Mardi Gras Mainstrausse. We got to see lots of folks and pretend like we were kidless again. I woke up at 9:30 thinking, Drew is just going down for his nap.....good times. We had some brunch and returned to find a very happy child with some very happy parents.
John and I met some new NON P&G folks in Cincinnati and attended the Boys & Girls Club Charity Casino night - we had a great time and I walked away winning it 'all' - about $500 in booze (no, we didn't need it so I gave a great deal away) - John and I got 'dolled' up to show off our new figures :).

John's mom came in town for a long weekend in February. She went to gymboree with Drew and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they both had (and how she told all the parents to read to their children - libraries are free :)). She played with him on her lap, played airplane up in the air - telling us how he slid face first down the slides.

The time flew by but we are going to see Baba again in June when we visit Iowa for John's 20th high school reunion in Boone. Although we are trying to talk her in to coming for a visit again in towards the end of April or May.
We borrowed a few toys from the neighbors but specifically the 'wooden push toy' that has moved the neighborhood regularly - he really likes the fact that it opens and closes as you can see in this video.....makes me giggle everytime I see it.

Drew also has been napping somewhat irregularly but on those days where he doesn't get a good afternoon nap...he falls asleep while eating dinner.....this is good times - if this video doesn't put a smile on your face - nothing will.

Drew's favorite thing to do lately is scale the stairs - John thought it would be funny to teach and encourage this behavior which as resulted in lovely attractive gates all over our house :). He is in drawers, cabinets, falling, standing..

Drew reached the 9 month milestone March 12. My how time flies - he is slowing on growth a bit at around 31" in height but has lost weight with all of his roaming and is around 21 lbs. We got a new pediatrician since ours is having a baby and won't be available at our office anymore - Dr. Donahue is great - she is blown away with how strong he is and how much he mimics us with shaking his head and clicking his tongue. He even dances like Stevie Wonder's head when music comes on.
We took off to Dallas in March on St. Patty's Day - here is Drew with is outfit on the plane - he was once again a rockstar traveler - sleeping - entertaining everyone behind us - dropping cheerios everywhere - poor plane folks.
Drew got to see his Uncle Mattie and take a few pics - he has been a bit timid with all the folks that he is meeting and the time changes, teething - he has done a pretty good job.

Mom got Drew some Bunny Ears in anticipation for Easter - they look great - I couldn't wait till Easter to show you them. Tiff gave us lots of hand me downs so Drew is already wearing them because I certainly wasn't expecting 37 in Dallas mid March :) while it is 65 and sunny in Cinci.
I will try and keep you updated much more often but notice I am not promising :)