Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ONE and DONE!! Woohoo - we made it a year!!

So we are bit late on the updates of the blog - think of this like scrapbooking - we (Laura & I) are going to take a stab at getting this updated to current and then Laura can take over regular updates with me :).

This month was Drew's One Year Old Birthday! Not sure how it happened so fast but we made a full year with lots of milestones and fun. He is our Prince and so the hat made it all seem appropriate. We also managed to get his professional pictures done for his birthday - I was a bit late but hey, they got done :).

We had a monkey cupcake cake and lots of friends over to play - of course they were all a bit bigger than drew but we managed to clear out the garage and turn on the sprinklers for them in the yard for good fun. Drew tore into his cupcake so needless to say, we too advantage of the weather and hosed him down right in his chair. Drew plays in the water alot right now as hot as it is, with his blow up pool that has a 'roof' over it to shield him from the sun. It only takes as long to get him ready for the pool as it does to play in it....swim pants....sunscreen....sunscreen....did I mention sunscreen?

Drew got his first 'riding' toy from our neighbors The Herringtons - I think by the time his motor skills catch up with his sheer size he might be too big for it :). Drew has taken quite a liking to books but his attention span isn't quite where it needs to be at this point.

We went to Drew's 1 yr doctor appt - he is still growing like a weed - his height came in around 32" coming down to around 97% on the charts with his weight around 25 pounds.

Still lots of trips to the park and Drew continues to maneuver around well. I am still traveling to Fayetteville but it is coming to close soon, wrapping up our project with Walmart. After my trip to Arkansas this month, I hopped a plane to Minneapolis to rendezvous with John for a friend's wedding - Laura and Tim were married in the Basilica and it was amazing - we had a great time and were so glad to see good friends even if for a very quick trip. I then hopped a plane to Dallas for one overnight visit - so quick, didn't even see the family - stayed at hotel, worked and headed back home.

The visit at home lasted for a day and then we headed out to Iowa for John's 20th High School Reunion. We got to enjoy a long visit with his family. Drew played like he has never played before with his cousins - they have a great set up for the kids - lots of toys, playset, water, bikes, trucks, horses, 4 wheelers - we went to nephew Hunter's baseball game as well. Lot of family and friends during the visit.

It was a busy month. But one for the record books! Here are a few videos of Drew making new noises regularly and his cousin driving him around in Iowa with the toy tractor. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

May - Fun in the Sun!

So I will split this update into two months - I have really gotten behind but hope this finds you all enjoying your summer. This month was full of events - Drew got his first 'summertime' water toy - we got a water table at a garage sale for splashing around - $5 - yep, much cheaper than the $35 Toys R Us Value - we are all about kids toys from garage sales or Once Upon a Child - what a steal!

Lots of trips to the park - Auntie Lala takes Drew-bie-doo to the park quite often - he has learned how to get into everything, climbing up one side, thru the tunnels and down the other. Swinging is still a good time but coming to an end as he gets more and more mobile.

Trips to Gymboree are still quite exciting - as evidenced by his facial expression here. When not hitting the park or gymboree, the pool is the place to hang - he has no fear and as a result dives face first into the kiddie pool causing us to have to follow him every inch.

He has really mastered walking this month - clapping and walking - making raspberry sounds and walking (thanks Auntie Lala for teaching that moment) -

We gel'd up his hair a bit for his first mohawk -
Drew attended his first "White Trash Yard Party" - after a small nap in his pack-n-play up in the 2nd floor bathroom (hey, it was quiet in there) - we headed down for some fun with a pot of water and empty beer cans. His picture was selected as 'best dressed'! Already quite the life of the party....I can't find the picture - boo!!

Drew also attended his first sand volleyball game (only because they finally had one early enough at 6:15) - it was amazing how a bucket of beer can keep him busy for hours.

Drew is still eating lots of fruit, turkey hot dogs, sliced turkey, eggs, oatmeal, carrots, beans, mixed vegetables and an occasional lick of ice cream :). It's been a really uneventful month unless you count chasing Drew every second. He is happy, healthy and living life!

Nana and GG came in at the end of the month to help clear out Uncle Eddie's place in Dayton since it was sold - it was nice to visit and we got to attend the Taste of Cincinnati in a VIP area - Drew as quite the 'show' for everyone while we all got to try new and different beers. June holds a bday party, travels to IA and much more - until then.