Monday, June 27, 2011

Elizabeth 1 month and Drew turns 2!!

Well we have had a busy month - Elizabeth has made progress on sleeping is only waking once during the night - around 3-5am after her last feeding at 8:30pm so not too bad!! We head in for her 1 month check-up on Tuesday and think she will be off the charts like her big brother - she had to measure in at 2 wks to check her weight since we are breastfeeding - 11 lbs. - seriously - the doctor said no need to return for weight :). We have had some rough 'gassy' nights but all in all she just rolls with the punches. She loves her baths and sleeping in your arms or should I say her grandmother(s)' arms.

Nana had to leave and head back to Dallas but I managed to get a quick picture where Elizabeth is holding her neck up at 9 days old - nice.

Daddy and Drew are the bestest of friends these days, Daddy takes Drew everywhere with him while Mommy manages baby days. Hopefully we can do some switching soon to help Daddy with Elizabeth and Mommy with Drew playtime.

Drew has spent alot of time outside playing to 'wear' him down for naps - we are still lucky to have the 2-2.5 hr naps in the afternoon for a sanity timeout :). Here is a video of him playing in his pools outside.

Drew went in for his 2 yr check-up and measured in at 37.5in and 31 lbs - still off the charts and VERY advanced motor skills, we are still working on verbal skills but if you had 3 adults that knew everything you wanted when you pointed, you wouldn't talk alot either :). Nana got him a couzy coup for his birthday - it only took Laura and John 2 hours to put together - Drew had to sit in it while he was waiting for it (not so patiently).

Drew also loves to head up to the country club pool and take over the toy organization at the baby pool - he gets everyone's toys and lines them up along the edge of the pool in a row - just a bit OCD :).

Drew got a present from his great aunt (or should I say, GREAT Aunt) Sarah for the birth of his sister, she still hasn't gotten over mom coming along :) so sent both Drew and Madeline gifts to make up for the new arrivals to mine and Jeff's house. It is a giant pirate's castle - here is Daddy playing in it with Drew, his legs hanging out the door.

I am still at home till first part of August - we try and go for walks in our double stroller that allows Drew to climb and off and on and stand or sit while we move along. He also loves to push Elizabeth and really only wants to go on walks with her.

Baba (John's mom) is in town this week and John has shoulder surgery this Thursday for a torn rotator cuff - more to come in our circus of a household :).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Photo Shoot and Big Brother Time

So Mom, Laura and I were a bit bored the other day - E is so good - sleeping almost 6-7 hours a night now with naps during the day - we decided to do a Fashion Photo Shoot - granted it took all three of us to pull this off - I was in charge of photo set-up and accessories (watch out JCPenney photo studio), Laura with outfits and camera shots and Mom with assistance. Thought you would love these pics.

Drew was napping while we took pics but Mom was able to capture a few great photos of Drew this am while he was 'holding' E. His face lights up when he holds her - checking out her fingers, toes and facial expressions - she was just staring up at him - enjoy! And of course he looks awesome with his Texas hat Tiffany gave him and he wears it ALL the time - his favorite way - backwards!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome Miss Elizabeth!

Miss Elizabeth Anne decided she couldn't join us by her due date and my back was wrenched - so we induced on 5/26/11 and she came into the world on her own time. We checked in at 8 and started pitocin around 9:30 once vitals were done and IV administered. By lunch time we were ready for epidural and the breaking of my water (contractions were about every 60 sec and I was in some pain :)). A bit of some issues with the epidural but we finally got where we needed to be and I was in the 'zone' - we thought we would have a baby by around 5:30. After complete boredom on John's part, he ran home to help out with a leak Laura found from all of the rain. I just told him to come back within a few hours.

At 3:30pm - the nurse checked and we were around 7-8cm maybe close to 9cm so I called John at 3:40pm and told him to head back because it would be sooner than 5:30 - he said he was leaving at 3:50 and would head back - WELLLLLLLL - at 3:43 I felt EXTREME pressure after I had been turned to the other side. Mom - go get the nurse - something's not right. Nurse checked - we were ready to push - BUT John's not here.....hmmmmmm -

Mom is calling John every few minutes - where are you? how much longer - he got stuck behind a school bus dropping kids - good times - I am holding my legs together - she is not coming out, John is not here - everything is set in the room, nurse, doctor, baby catcher - we are all just waiting until John enters the room - OMG - this is crazy pressure. Mom is on the phone, he is in the elevator - assume the position - he walked in the room - we pushed for 9 minutes and Elizabeth entered the world at 4:09 pm - the same time as her brother.

I thought she was smaller than Drew - everyone in the room said, hmm - she is a big baby but she was measured at 8lbs, 5oz and 21.5 inches even a few days late - Drew was 9lbs. 1oz and 21.5 inches and a week early. Brother Drew and Auntie Laura (Lala) visited her at less than 30 minutes old - Drew was so great with Elizabeth - happy and smiling to try and hold her and give her a kiss. With technology today we were skyping with Papa and Mimi (Dad and Suzette) at an hour old followed by Ed visiting the hospital, skyping with Baba, Aunt Jenny, cousins Hunter & Gunnar and the last skype with Auntie Erin. It was quite busy but glad we could share with everyone.

Mom stayed at the hospital with me that evening so John could get home and put Drew to sleep and Mom could nap the next day. We were up most of the night between feedings, VERY uncomfortable beds (especially with my back) and nurse visits for vitals and such - with Elizabeth's weight measured at 10 pm - we had a discrepancy. She had either gained 1.5 lbs or was measured incorrectly at birth :) - so after lots of measuring and re-measuring - her birth weight was 're-recorded' to 9lbs., 11.5oz - so she was bigger - good lord - that explains the stitches - that little rascal.

Needless to say - after a busy night and not alot of sleep - my doctor said we had the choice to leave after E was 24 hours old - so we scheduled all of our shots, vitals and tests to get up and out of there by 5 pm Friday. We got home and had a good night sleep in our own house and beds. She is very healthy - the pediatrician is impressed with how strong she is and she is already lifting her head.

Milk has come in and she is sleeping VERY well - we are getting on a bit of a schedule and she is already taking close to 3 oz a feeding right now. We are headed to the pediatrician today for her check-up and will report back with more pictures soon.