Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Photo Shoot and Big Brother Time

So Mom, Laura and I were a bit bored the other day - E is so good - sleeping almost 6-7 hours a night now with naps during the day - we decided to do a Fashion Photo Shoot - granted it took all three of us to pull this off - I was in charge of photo set-up and accessories (watch out JCPenney photo studio), Laura with outfits and camera shots and Mom with assistance. Thought you would love these pics.

Drew was napping while we took pics but Mom was able to capture a few great photos of Drew this am while he was 'holding' E. His face lights up when he holds her - checking out her fingers, toes and facial expressions - she was just staring up at him - enjoy! And of course he looks awesome with his Texas hat Tiffany gave him and he wears it ALL the time - his favorite way - backwards!!

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  1. I looooove this one of him holding his baby sister!!!