Friday, May 13, 2011

A Finished Yard and Playset!!! Hallelujah!

So we finally got the backyard done and the playset finished- 5 days of no rain and it's done - needs a bit more stain but the mulch, canopy and swings are all installed. The guys came to finish leveling, topsoiling, seeding and placing straw everywhere - Now we just pray for more rain - a bit ironic since I haven't stopped complaining about the rain -but the water bill is NOT an option :). Now we watch mother nature get us some green green grass.

Baby should be here anyday - we are 39 wks and 3 cm - mom gets here on Tuesday the 17th so more to come. Here is a pic of Elizabeth's finished room and my big ole belly!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cutie patootie!!

Drew is all decked out in his Texas gear - the weather is crazy here and he finally got big enough to wear this 'fall' outfit. He is active, active, active and won't sit still.

He has recently started to FOCUS more (thank the lord he is slowing down a bit) - he is all about reading EVERY book on his shelf - or more importantly have us read every book on his shelf - if he is playing with tractors, trucks and baby strollers. He really has no idea that his world is about to get rocked with the entry of baby Elizabeth - LOL!! We are working on teaching him to be 'gentle' - hmmmm - not so much - he would rather wrestle and run :).

He can climb up to the island in the kitchen and get into alot but he likes to go through the mail and find new pictures - here he is studying the toys r us catalog - let's hope he doesn't follow his father's footsteps for shopping - either way, I will take the stationary 15 minutes where a 22 month old little boy sits still -

He loves watching animals - Lala took him to feed the ducks at Anderson Town Hall - finally a day with no rain!

John also got a 'deal' on a 'free playset' - so he took it apart, moved it down from the neighbors and has been working on it little by little, day by day - you can also see the muddy backyard we have had for the past 1.5mos - pls - enough with the rain!! This has been consuming almost every free minute John has!