Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wk 25 - March 2009

So time for more pics - I am the size of a house now (or at least a small condo) you can see in the full belly pose - the white thing near my pants is the infamous belly sling - well part of it, I had taken the other half off after 10 hours at work today. I got the paint for the bottom half of Andrew's walls the other day - Billard Green - As soon as we give away the full bed in that room I can get to painting.
Prenatal swimming classes at the healthplex are going well, good to hang with other 'larger than life' women in a large pool of water - priceless! I have a large prego black bathing suit - looks like orca the killer whale when she has us bunny hop to the end of the pool.
Just realized I have only 3 more months of work so I am a bustling person at work puttin in long hours but I am not sure my body can keep up like it used to, lord knows my mind can't, I seem to have to write every little thing down I can to make sure.
John's mom is coming in for the shower on the 28th and I sure do hope his sister can make the haul out here as well. She will stay for a bit and then come back after the baby is born. J and I hope to make it to Dallas for Easter but with rates on tickets right now, it isn't looking favorable - I just want to go somewhere warm - it was 12 degrees this am - supposed to be 60 on Friday - the bouncing around on temperatures plays with your emotions and we are getting closer to heading to steady warmer temperatures. Ta ta for now!


  1. Wish I had known about a belly sling 4 yrs. ago. I remember walking around Wal-mart literally holding/supporting my belly!

  2. Amy and John,
    Congratulations and bright blessings! Parenting is great fun!
    Joan, Sandra and Gabe

  3. haha - i love it! i can hear your voice and sarcasm when reading this. U look like a prego!! im so excited to see u in a couple weeks!! baby party time!

    I love you!

  4. Amy, I got the best laugh out of your blog. You look adorable! You think you look bigger than you are. Even though I don't get to see you, I'm really excited for you!

    Kathy (Angela's mom)

  5. LOL! You are too funny! You look great.

  6. Crazy Girl! You look fantastic, and if you feel huge now, just wait until week 35....

  7. Yup, Looks like Andrew is gonna be one BIG boy. Take care of yourselves. Love, Medley