Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Belly Sling

So I am wearing a belly sling now - seems our little man is a bit of a "low rider" and putting some pressure and the such on my lower body and back!! Look for pictures tomorrow or the next day - I am too exhasuted to get up and take one now :).

Change on the shower date in OH. Looks like a girly shower the weekend of the 28th of March....then if we want to have a bbq in May for folks before Andrew joins us we just might do it!! Jen (BF) and Wendy (neighbor) have offered to pull this off - I am so excited and blessed to have friends that are willing to help out and do this for me. Of course, John just wants to get all the guys together to drink some beers and watch BBall that weekend.

John has started playing bball on Sundays - am and pm - I just think he hopes he will get out of going to church every now and then :). There is a 'new mom' event tomorrow I am going to run to so I can get the freebies they hand out and J is going to call and find out how much longer till our baby furniture is here. I will pick out the colors now that we have the border here for "Curious George"......looks like painting is in the near future.

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