Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So we are finally getting this are the pics from Wk 23 - I am HUGE now - the baby is kicking every morning at 6am, so definitely taking after me vs. John who can't get out of bed before noon on the weekends :). We got registered at Target and Babies R Us with still some updates and work to do......anyways, I will try and be more diligent on this...I promise...

And...we have a name picked out....Andrew (Drew) Rardin - we are still swinging back and forth on the middle name.....more to come but leaning towards family names.

Oh, and John has picked out the theme for the room, "Curious George". Best Friend Jen is coming over to help paint the walls with some characters from the book sometime soon. So if you see some Curious George precious things - send them our way or send us a link to create.

Mom wants me to head to Dallas in March for a shower so I think that is the plan for March 14th weekend. Jen and our neighbor Wendy want to throw a shower for us here in April - maybe the weekend of the 18th (the weekend after Easter).

We ordered our baby furniture as well, it should be here in March/April. For valentines day, John and I installed overhead lighting/fans in our upstairs bedrooms - first step to preparation.
Here are also some pictures of Andrew at Wk 20. His profile in the first and he is looking at you in the second (see black eye sockets on head at right side)....

I think that should do it on info for a while - stay tuned for more.


  1. Hey Amy! You look beautiful! Pregnancy definitely looks great on you. Give Drew a pat from me!

  2. 'Gator' would be a good middle name, don'tcha think?