Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a GIRL!!

We returned from Iowa with a visit to the doctor - we went for our 20 wk check-up and this bit of a baby inside me looks very healthy - all measurements and organs look good -here is her first photo debut (the left of her face straight on and the right her profile with her hand at her mouth) - she wouldn't stop moving and putting her hands in front of her face - I don't really feel her move that much but it looks like that's because the placenta is between her and I right now. Drew still has no idea this is headed his way......should be interesting. John's mom is ECSTATIC - her first grand daughter - she said she was going for a "PINK" shopping trip this weekend.

John has determined we will not have a pink room in his house - little does he know he will and it's not just his house :). So now we work on names and room decors - Looks like Lala is moving to an apartment soon so we will move Drew to a bigger room with some of his many toys and take over his room for the new arrival (since it is smaller). Now we just wait for her arrival and keep our fingers crossed with prayers of everything to go well.

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