Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January 2011

Drew got a Texas onesie pajama for Christmas from his Aunt Erin (eenie weenie) which he loves and wears as often as possible. Note he is wearing the pj's here while he is working on escaping the house :).

This month started off with a few playdates. Drew went to the aquarium with Jorja - she is of course dressed to the top with a bow that matches (as always). The weather is still a bit off so Drew also takes trips to the mall play area as well to blow off some steam in addition to mall walking with is Auntie Lala.

Drew & LaLa also headed to Totter Otterville with Jorja for another playdate. They aren't too sure of each other at this point but were happy to play with all the toys and specifically the train table.
Not alot of words right now but alot of imitations of animal noises (cows, owls, ducks, etc). Of course he just points and screams until we, adults, figure out what he wants - drinks, food, etc. He uses the 'more' sign language gesture for just about everything, even 'please'. Cute but a bit frustrating. :)

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