Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wk 4 - It's always darkest before the dawn!!

So here we are - we have made it 4 wks - Drew is officially one month old - yahoo!! Last Saturday Aunt Jen and Uncle Ed came over for a visit and we played some cards and hung out - Drew wasn't much for entertaining as he still sleeps all the time. Sunday we ran errands and just hung out - John cooked me steak for dinner - it was wonderful (I guess the usual cereal isn't a good dinner if you are trying to breastfeed:)).

Daddy headed out to PA for his manager retreat and left on Tuesday morning after my maternity meltdown (burp already and could you pls sleep without gas issues??? I was not drinking enough water not eating the right dinners.....needed some repairs....) - I was looking forward to Lisa coming over to help with Drew, she is great with babies. I made it till 3 when she got there and I handed Drew over and went for a well desired nap - I could have slept all night - yeah, right....Lisa cooked homemade mac n' cheese (comfort food), porkchops and bake potatoes - yes - a homecooked meal!!

I finally got around to reading my books on after the delivery and they were very helpful - first words of advice after sleep, sleep, sleep; get out of the house, call 'friends with child' to blow off steam, and go Lisa came over earlier on Wed and we went out for lunchGOT MILK??

and shopping to find a few pairs of shorts and tops that fit me. I skipped my afternoon nap and well, I was exhausted - Drew was having some gas pains and was scarfing down food only to throw it all up and then go for some explosive diarrhea on his dear old mother - check out the photo of my 'mustard seed shirt' and the GOT MILK face :) - I couldn't stop laughing.

After Tuesday am I wasn't sure I could make it thru two nights and mornings by myself but it worked - we made it - AND I figured out Drew can't do orange juice - I think that was one of the things I have been missing - OJ, oranges, and cantalope (must not like the color orange :)). Now that this is figured out - we are doing much better with the gas - we have better days and nights - he is burping better, I have figured out how in the middle of the night to 'process' him thru the feeding (feed, burp, diaper, burp, feed, burp, burp, burp.....well you get the message).

So Thursday, our friends from Thailand came into the states and (the dad, Phillip) came over for dinner, John came home from PA and Baba (John's Mom Barbara) came in town. Baba is so excited to see Drew and would hold him morning, noon, and night god willing - fine by me, you can't spoil a baby this young and I get a break :). We enjoyed just relaxing on Friday while John went to a few work appts and then while Baba watched Drew, J and I went to the dog park with the four dogs - there was a Cincinnati Sports League happy hour there - it took us a while to get all their shot information, sign up, and get the temperment test but we made it in an hour later :). The dogs had a blast - we came home to Mr. Drew having once again eaten us out of house and home with downing over 5 oz of milk and then more when I got home - we took a quick bath and then to bed - for over 6.5 hrs ---- YEEHAW!!!

This next week Aunt Laura and Aunt Erin come in town to play with Drew and we have our 4 wk check-up at the doctor's office - more to come....Drew is already over 11 lbs :).........seriously.....

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