Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wk 3 - Nana left :(!!!!

So this week started out quite eventful and there are lots of 'firsts' (first night alone with out Nana, first bottle, first sitter, first diaper change by Gg (grandpa greg))- Mom and Greg headed up to Dayton for their Sat night to visit with some highschool friends and John and I had Drew to ourselves. I didn't get a nap that day which didn't help things as well.......so, they left and I fed Drew - he was so hungry even though not really on schedule, so we fed, and fed, and fed......he had a bit of a gassy stomach so we gave him some of the 'ROCKSTAR' mylicon drops and he started to settle. I handed him off to John so I could straighten up the kitchen and not 2 minutes later - BLAH - throw up all over Daddy John (right after his shower to try and 'wake him up' - guess he is awake now). Then we need to go for a bath since he is covered in blah -

Into the bath - Daddy runs downstairs to get something, I am with Drew - I watch him aim for the faucet and pee - next, like a feather pillow hit and feathers go everywhere? he farts and poo goes all over everywhere in the bathtub - now, that is good times.......so I am trying to get him out, keep him warm, dump the tub, clean off the tub, and fill it back up - for those wondering, you can't hear me yell if I am upstairs and J is downstairs (note to self)........So he is clean, exhausted, worn out and ready for his last feeding and off to bed - and thank goodness because so are we :).

Monday we found out Drew's daddy is going to be a Manager - he got the promotion - everyone was so happy and we are so proud of Daddy and his accomplishments - he had a great business plan focused on all of the things very important to him at work. With this great new job comes some traveling starting next week while we have no visitors. So with the recruitment of some great friends here we should be okay during the evening hours when I need to most help.

Mom & Greg left on Wed - needless to say, I was quite sad to see them go - Greg did some small things around the house we have had on the list FOREVER and mom was sent from the angels to handle the times I couldn't or when I just needed a break. Before Mom left, John worked with mom to give Drew his first bottle of breastmilk. Things went well so we know we have that in our back pocket if we need it. So we made it Wed night fairly well, walks, baths, etc.....however, Thursday and Friday proved to be challenging. Drew is very gassy (with J as his father, go figure) so we are challenged sometimes on getting him down at night.

Friday we took Drew to meet mine and John's hairstylist while J got his hairs cut and then I walked over to the Chiro with Drew to get my ever so OUT OF WHACK body adjusted back to reality :).....felt good......we came back and had planned to take Drew to a bbq we were invited to at a fellow co-worker/friend's house but at last minute, we decided to leave Drew with Wendy (the fab neighbor from next door). She and her family took Drew under their care so The Herringtons are the official first babysitter :). We came home to find Drew had eaten us out of house and home and then proceeded to down another 5 oz with Daddy while mommy pumped and dumped from her 2 glasses of wine :). We are into the Wk 3 growth spurt so he is a hungry hungry hippo - starvin marvin -

This weekend Drew will meet mommy's BF, Jen, and 'Uncle' Eddy is coming over for a visit as well. Note the budlight sign John got me for the (wo)man cave as a 'delivery' present. It should be super cool when we get it hung. Stay tuned for pics and more updates.


  1. Can I sit,can I, huh, huh? Hey, have you guys signed pups up for Wags Park. My dream job-watching all the dogs having so much fun!! Amy, I really mean it about sitting. Grocery, cleaners, etc......lunch out with your girl friends!

  2. Good luck with the gas pains. One thing that helped Lilly the couple times she had problems was letting her sleep on her tummy on top of my tummy. The warmth was soothing to her stomach.

  3. Baby hot water bottle helps as well. Also I discovered this wonderful wrap called a Moby wrap. I just tossed Gunnar into it after his supper when he was fussy and it calmed him right down. It was AWESOME!!! And I could get stuff done because I didn't have any help!! Hmm maybe I should have put my independence aside and let people help me! oh well too late now. Have fun!