Monday, June 8, 2009

Wk 39 - 8 days to go

Hiddy ho there neighbors! We are in the home stretch, we have been at 2cm dilation for about 2 wks now, quite possibly walking the streets of downtown for the Taste of Cincinnati drove that progress - waiting and waiting and waiting.....I am done with work - woohoo! I didn't really get why they are so gracious at giving us these 2 wks at P&G but I am getting it now - I am exhausted quickly - this baby is sucking the life out of me - every fluid I drink, every food I eat......I get winded walking at Target :). Good news, my feet have stopped swelling (funny if you stay away from Mexican food and stop standing on them all the time).

Here are some updated photos - I tried to move my upper body (read: boobs) so you can see exactly how big this belly is.....quite large - yes, you can see my lovely stretch marks as well, good times......

I got a maternity massage the other day - it was wonderful. Why didn't I do this sooner, I have slept better the last 3 nights then the last 2 months. He worked on my hips so I don't have as much pain when I sleep although it is starting to come back a bit - but hey, I will take it. Drew is as large as a house now and his rumpus continues to push into my ribs and lungs - little Turkey!

I am running errands here and there. From picking up a pair of slippers to wear at the hospital to packing my bag when it is time. John has the cameras ready and charged, he is packing a bit of a bag this week. Mom gets in on Wed, doctor on Thursday and then more waiting. Maybe I will hit the Chiro this week to see if he can adjust this baby out :).
The room is ready, sheets and blankets washed, carpets get cleaned tomorrow and dogs for baths (like that will do any good). I think the dogs know what is going on, they sleep downstairs with me every night (protecting) while J sleeps upstairs.
A little on the forefront of John's job, he has applied for a management job over new Sales folks. While this is a totally new structure for his office and would include bringing in folks from off the street and up to full commitment within 3-4 months - he is one of the few folks in the running. He has a second interview next week and we think he is in the front-running if they decide to lean forward and pick someone who hasn't managed experience with Verizon prior - either way, John is ready for this baby and Mom has offered to help with some 'extra trips' if he gets the job.
I guess that's about it - John says Drew will be here by Father's Day because John wants a gift but only Drew knows. In fact, John said I should go and buy him a gift...I reminded him he couldn't even find the card aisle for Mother's Day :). Good times. Take care and look for more updates.

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  1. Just got the announcement. Congratulations!! Very punctual, healthy, BIG boy. Am waiting with bated breath for the three version Blog of his arrival. No colaboration please. I want to read about the experience from Amy's, John's, & Julie's Perspective. Love to you all, Medley