Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week 1 - Mr. Andrew Austin Rardin - The Drewster!!

So we have made it through wk1 - it was a little touch and go with my sanity and drew's feeding. Because he was so large, it took us about 3 days and some pediatric attention to realize he wasn't getting enough fluids waiting for my milk to come in - so he wasn't sleeping, pooing, urinating like he should have been after the first 24 hrs (might have helped had we had some nurses that were a bit more knowledgeable in the hospital). Day 2, I was breastfeeding for 4 hrs straight, not so good, for my physical recovery or my sanity. Day 3, finally the pediatrician and nurse (on dayshift I add) share that we should probably take syringes of formula and supplement right after feeding - it wasn't until Day 4, when we headed to the pediatrician's office to find out he had lost more weight than they wanted so he needed 'WAY MORE FORMULA' - well, with that correction and my milk coming in around Day 5 - we all made a trip to sanity lane - sleeping more, pooing, peeing - Mr. Never Cries even though he was starving for food is now Mr. Even Happier.

I go to bed at 9pm, Mom stays up with him till 12 or 1am and then I take from then until breakfast. This is working and both of us are managing....J has been working this week, mostly from home but leaving occasionally for appts. We had the pediatricians visit on Friday, Day 7 and Drew had managed to gain almost all of his weight back in the last 3 days - go milk, it's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday!! I told you he was like his father when it comes to appetite. In addition to his food needs being met, he sleeps at night other than his feedings - his fussy time of night is resolving itself.....keep your fingers crossed.

Drew had his first bath this week and his first walk to the end of the block. Now we are working on 'Baby Wise' - transitioning to the Feedtime, Waketime, Naptime process - up this am, fed, play time on the floor with Baby Einstein's Aquarium set-up, then falling asleep in Daddy's arms.

In addition to all of this going on this week, John had his second interview for the mgmt position. They had wanted him to go to Pittsburgh for the interview but with Drew's arrival, he opted for a phone interview - a bit of a risk but he feels it went as well as could be expected. We should know more next week - everyone is on pins and needles right now waiting to find out. Look for updates next week when we know more.


  1. You're not leaving? Please stay, please stay! Although if it's a good opportunity you must move on, but keep this site going, ok?

    He's a masterful specimen and I especially like his middle name! Doesn't Austin Rardin have a special ring to it?

    Very best to all of you!
    Sheila Bell

  2. He is a handsome little guy, good job. Best of luck with Baby Wise, I've used it on both my kids and swear by it. Lukas was sleeping 8 hrs a night by 2 months.

  3. He's gorgeous -- your blogs are great -- thanks for keeping us all posted.

    Look forward to the next -- good luck on the job, john, and best wishes to Drew and family -- Hi Mom -- Carol Caplan

  4. He is the cutest! And he looks just like his daddy! Congrats to you both and best of luck!