Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wk 2.....a bit late!!

So - I am a bit late on Wk 2 - we had some learnings this week - Drew doesn't like when his mother eats Garlic - by way of Ceaser Salads that is.......I don't succomb to the practice of don't eat this or that but I can see why folks do - learning the hard way what their bodies don't do well with is for the birds. There were two nights in there that I thought we might not make it through.......and this baby doesn't cry - I can't imagine one that does :). Once we made it thru the Friday and Sunday night garlic nights, we were moving in the right direction.

Drew proceeded to make it several nights (and now somewhat his norm) at an 8.5-10 hr sleep with only one waking for a feed. So as long as I get a nap of some kind during the day we move along quite well. John and mom got Drew on a routine in the evening - I feed around 6:30 or 7 then he goes for walk, a bath, then for his last feeding and to bed. A bit overboard on the baths but it is a good routine for now.

Mom and I tried to dress up Drew in outfits and stuff for pictures but didn't have much luck at getting him to keep his arms still so we waited for him to go to bed. We made this pic while he was sleeping to give to J to put on his desk at work for Father's Day - pretty hysterical - we couldn't stop laughing.
Greg got in Friday night at the tail end of Wk 2 so he could visit and go home with mom on July 1st. The stories get good for Wk 3 - you will have to wait to see what is in store :).

Each day Drew continues to get bigger and bigger and we are looking forward to his 'reactions' stage where he does more than sleep, eat, and well, you know the rest.....and let's just say, he is quite good at the 'rest' - like every single diaper :) - we can't wait for that to change a bit as well.

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