Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drew's Arrival!! June 12, 2009

So leading up to today, we had seen the doctor to confirm in wk 38 we were still strong at 2 cm dilation....I scheduled a maternity massage, went to prenatal water aerobics and the chiropractor. Anything to help Drew come see the world. On the 11th, mom and I headed to the doctor to find out I was at 4 cm without any real contractions (that I knew of). So we all sat down to eat that night early (in hindsight, big mistake - should have eaten late :)). The neighbors dropped off a heath bar blizzard for me around 7:30pm and then I didn't head to bed till about midnight.

At 2:12 am, I got up for a usual bathroom break, laid back down and "POW!" my water broke. So after crawling up the stairs to tell mom and John, I got in the shower (because lord knows when I would have that chance again) and John called the doctor to report we were having a baby. We got to the hospital around 3ish and had an epidural by 4:30 am - GOOD TIMES - not sure why women wouldn't want this wonderful pain blocker, it is enough work, pressure, and grief without all the pain on top. So now we wait, well, mom and I wait, John makes himself a bed and sleeps :). Around 9:30ish we are still a bit away from pushing so J heads home to take care of the dogs, get mom a Starbucks, and pick me up some beautiful roses.

At around 12:30pm we were ready to push at a full 10 cm - however, the negative here, I am only at -2 stage and need to be at +4 to have the head crown...lots of distance to make up. Doctor comes in, realizes Drew is headed up instead of down in the canal so with a few pushes on my part, and some head turning on his part, we got Drew ready for the delivery face down. So we start to push (of course at this point the doctor leaves to go have lunch), Mom on one leg, John on the other (of course he is staring at the wall, he won't look at all......for at least the first few hours......(if you go long enough, he can't bear not to finally look :)). And we push, and we push, and we push...well, you see where this is going......I am SOOOOO hungry at this point and thirsty (I couldn't even have ice chips because I was so nauseated - yuck). And then there were the nurses, leaning against the counter saying 'good job, your making progress, keep going' - shut it - that is all I could think, couldn't say it, frankly because it was all I could do to breathe - they say this to everyone, just shut it.

So around 3:30pm - I have had enough - I am tired, hungry, out of energy, wasted, felt like I had run 4 half marathons (I know that is 2 marathons but I can only relate energy levels to a half since that is all I have run)...I start crying - John is tired of seeing me in pain....they call the doctor thinking it is almost time but I might need help with tools........he walks in, does two things, and the Drew's head is crowned - where the hell was he an hour ago :) a couple more pushes, with John, mom, and myself looking on, Drew graces us with his perfect little (well very large) body, 9lbs. 1oz, and 22.5 in long. With only a 2 sec peep of a cry, he enters the world very content, happy and calm - taking it all in stride (whose child is this?).

He jumped on the breast an hour into life and was a hungry little booger - like his father - that is the food, not just the breast :) - he slept quite a bit in the first 24 hours but definitely continued to feed when he wanted - feeding for a long time....this should have been our first clue.....more to come in upcoming posts. So I look a bit rough here but this is at 1 minute from delivery - a bit emotional :). Ya'll get it!

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  1. I still think it's an incredible coincidence. Lilly was also 9 lbs. 1 oz. 22.5 inches and born around 4:00 on the afternoon of the 12th (albeit Oct. 12th). Our kids have a ton in common already! He is so beautiful, I know you are going to have just as good a time as we have!