Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little less than 4 wks to go!!!

Well - here we are - only 4 weeks to go - we have gone to every baby class (CPR/baby safety, baby basics, childbirth, and breastfeeding - J's favorite :)). The baby basics was about dressing, changing, bathing, and such with the munchkin - of course, John dressed his little doll like a gangster with one leg rolled up and the birth cap pulled to just above the eyes. I think he might have missed the point on that one.

With the childbirth class we got to tour the hospital and see how the bed and room convert for everything to stay in the same room. John got to practice massaging my lower back - I couldn't believe how well he did, he said 'beginner's luck, won't be repeatable'........he has to cover his tracks.
You can see in our pictures how I am progressing along - more importantly notice the ankle pictures....they are quite a site - that is just after getting home from work. Taking after mom with these fluid filled feet.
We headed to the doctor this am and got our first of the next four weeks of check-ups - Drew's head is down and now we just wait - I have 6 more days of work - my last day is June 2nd since P&G gives us 2 wks off before the due date (use or lose - I say USE). I plan to wash the sheets and baby clothes - read books, lay by the pool, update our will, and run various errands. Mom gets here on the 10th in case good ole Drew comes a bit early or I am losing my mind.
We are just laying low for Memorial Day weekend - with my swollen feet we are a bit limited on options for entertainment. Look for more updates soon!!


  1. Oh, terrible edema! I had it pretty bad last trimester too. Keep those tootsies propped up and hang in there!

  2. yep - those are CUTE feet haha