Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wk 34!! 42 Days Left till Margaritas!!

Hiddy ho there neighbors - J and I just got back from a long weekend in Naples, Fl visiting my aunt Sarah and Gail. Mom, Greg and Mom's BF, Cheryl, came over as well for the weekend. It was a full house but while there was lots of golfing going on - I laid like brocoli next to the pool and read books - it was absolutely wonderful. We can't have Drew coming out and seeing his mom all pastey white :). The highlight of the trip was my trying to get my large backend into a middle seat of an aircraft that had solid sides on the armrests....yes, I feel for those folks that can't make this happen...AND I was already trying to 'pretend' I wasn't prego so I could stay seated in the emergency row for extra leg room......good times - really good times. On the way back when I knew we wouldn't get emergency row - I gave up and asked for a seatbelt extender - yes, I was one of those folks as well.

Here are some uploaded pics of my largeness - don't find too much humor - Drew is about 5 lbs and almost 20 inches this week according to the books. We start going to the doctor once a week now for updates on everything under the sun. Still measuring about on average - the doc says they look forward to folks with my type of frame - we are tall with 'legs and hips that allow them to just push back the legs and the baby comes right on out' - from her lips to my ears LORD!!

The girls at the office threw me an 'office shower' - Tracy and Sally outdid themselves with the food and cake - everyone chipped in for Target gift cards so I can finish up with the big items off of my registry (monitors for example). The cake they got was a cupcake cake shaped like a stroller - absolutely adorable.

Drew is busy kicking me every chance he gets - trips to the Chiro are still in full swing - J could feel Drew's head and butt on two different parts of my stomach the other day......20 more workdays and about the workload of 40 but I am excited to get some of the major items I have been working on in place and taken care of before I leave. My last work day should be around the 2nd of June as P&G gives us 2 wks of use or lose time off before baby.

I still need to lock in on a pediatrician, wash sheets, wash bottles, blah, blah, blah - so that should take a day :).....not sure if I will go stir crazy with 2 wks of nothingness......we'll see. Stay tuned for updates on due dates and size of belly photos. Drew kicks right now whispering goodbye and take care.


  1. 20 INCHES?!?! good night...hello NBA nephew!!

    love lola

  2. thanks for hopping the kids up on cupcake sugar tonight! seat belt extender...nice!