Friday, December 25, 2009

The End of 2009

So we wrap up December with a few great photos - I got to take Drew to a gymboree music class to try out and see if we want to sign up - he is mesmerized by the bubbles and we got to sing, dance and make all sorts of music....Drew really likes clapping. We got lots more pictures with his girlfriend, Jorga, but the pics are on Autumn's phone - one of these days I am going to get them. I think we might start classes after the month of February - we will try a few more types in January and then lock in on his favorite.

Unfortunately, during this month, we lost my uncle Neal (Dad's brother) to pneumonia. He had been quite ill and when he got sick it took over his body. We pray for him to watch over us - I was so sorry that I couldn't get a chance to say goodbye or spend time with his family at the funeral but Dad and Suzette were there and shared our love with them. It is amazing how you can't just jump on a plane these days with a little on in tow.
Just a few days before Christmas we were able to get a picture of Drew with Santa - he visited our Country Club at Kid's Craft Night and Santa brought his wife - I think Drew is quite the ladies man as he definitely preferred Mrs. Claus to Santa...

We have spent the holiday just hanging - we have found a new Nanny - Tiaira - she is great with Drew and we are looking forward to the new year starting off with new fun things to learn with her. Drew came to Christmas Eve service with us at church - he was great and silent eating his cheerios. When it was time for communion, John carried him and he hammed it up all the way to the altar smiling and laughing for everyone to point and smile at him....or it could have been his bib reading: "If you think I am cute, you should see my dad.".....we're not sure - either is fine for us.

Drew also got some gifts from a few folks - here are a couple of pics of Drew opening gifts. Thanks to those that sent 'noise' toys - you won't be forgotten....we will have to find out how to 'repay' you :)...We took a quick video of his excitement to open the gifts (see below)....or should I the paper :)
We are looking forward to Monday morning when we leave for Maui - we have a great dog sitter that stays with the Dogs so they don't take over the house. We will leave here before God turns on the lights :) and travel to Maui via Dallas where Auntie Lala (Laura), Auntie Eenie Weenie (Erin), GG (Grandpa Greg) and Nana join us for the 9 hour flight over - More pics to come of the great family time we will have when we meet up with Cousin Maddie, Uncle Jeffy and Auntie Angie - it will be Drew's first time to meet them - we can't wait! Merry Christmas to everyone and we will talk to you in the New Year when Iowa and Texas both win their bowls!!!!

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