Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? Drew is...

So we had Drew's first football watching party yesterday - he had a blast (I guess he did, not like he can tell us:))....we had quite a few folks at our house - I think at one point there was about 25 adults and 11 children under the age of 6 in our basement. Thank the lord, Maggie came over for the afternoon and took the kids outside to play on the neighbors playset (made it easier for J to watch Iowa pull one out against Northern Iowa). After the 'family' crew left, we had the Texas Alumni to the house for the PPV Texas Game against Louisiana-Monroe - what a stomping and a great time by everyone. We floated a keg and grazed on food all day. Drew wore his Texas jersey, Iowa clothes will come as it gets colder, they are a little warm for now.

After a long day yesterday, we decided to hang close to home for my birthday. Drew and Daddy got me cards - and Mommy got to take a nap with Drew while Daddy drafted for Fantasy Football. I think we will head to dinner and call it a day - no Cincinnati fireworks for us tonight. We have a full week ahead of us - Tuesday is our anniversary (2 years already) and we leave Thursday for Iowa to watch some football :) and then I head to Panama for work for 3 days.
Drew is getting bigger by the day - last time we measured he was around 17 lbs and about 26 3/4 inches - he can finally sit in his Johnny Jumper - he loves it and so do the dogs with "Drive by Lickings" :). Here is a quick video of him - sideways but still cute :)....Promise not to make sideways next time....

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