Friday, April 15, 2011

April 2011- 22 months

Drew is growing like a weed. Here he is shopping at his favorite mass retailer outlet, Target - posing for the camera. This is one of my favorite pictures because it is very hard to get him to sit still with his legs moving faster than I catch.

When we moved Drew to his new room we opened up our bonus area for playtime and filled it with an easel, bookshelves and his kitchen set from downstairs (in hopes of returning our living room to a bit more adult time - yeah, right). He looks so grown up coloring on his easel with markers.

He is headed to the gym every Monday, Thursday and Saturday while his Daddy plays bball - he runs and hollers with the kids in the play area there and comes home a trainwreck tired mess :) but loves it! And mommy gets a bit of time by herself as well. He has become quite the 'rider' in the car wearing his glasses to look 'cool' - he and Lala run all over from parks to grocery stores, etc.
John got a 'deal' on 'free dirt' for our backyard to help level it out. As a result, we had over 140 dumptrucks of dirt dropped in the backyard while a bobcat moved it around to level it out. A very positive aspect of this messy situation, Drew was entertained for hours in front of the windows, eating lunch, having snacks and just watching the trucks dump and move dirt. Good times.

Unfortunately we then have had almost everyday with rain since then so needless to say, muddy laborador retrievers, 30+ wks pregnant and a toddler - it has been crazy!!

I traveled to Minneapolis in April and got to hang out for a night with some good friends. Keva gave me some very adorable clothes for Elizabeth and one was a bathing suit that Drew then decided to put on his head and run around the house like a wig. Could not stop laughing!

Here is Drew at the Children's Museum on a play date with his friends - it was his first trip and he had a great time! Here on the 'big truck' driving the big wheel.

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