Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter follwed up by John's Birthday

We headed next door to dye easter eggs - so he is a bit too much into touching and getting into new things - the easter egg dying last about 7 minutes - we just aren't at the patience mode of life.

John, Drew, Lala and I went to church and then headed to the country club for brunch with the Herringtons. They had an bunny there but Drew wasn't so sure on sitting on his lap but was willing to touch him with Mommy holding on strong (hardly any lap at this point, sooo pregnant).

It was very exciting to hunt for Easter Eggs - with the continued rain it was only right that the Easter Bunny hide eggs in the basement - he came and wrote a poem for Olivia and Sophia next door to hunt eggs with Drew since he didn't have his sister yet so hand in hand, they moved from their basement to our basement for over 30+ eggs each. It was quite a day and when Drew found candy in the eggs - good lord - what a happy sugar high little guy!

Daddy turned 38 this year and Lala made him a from scratch chocolate cake which I came home and decorated - we had an early dinner and John decided to play basketball at the gym with Drew since Mommy is a bit exhausted these days. The Herringtons came over and we sung Happy Birthday while he blew out all the candles at once - here's to wishing your dreams come true, honey!!

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